Who can be an Organizer ?

  • The organiser could be a male or female, preference being given to young persons. It will be necessary for organizers to maintain proper decorum more so in public, as their behavior and conduct will have direct bearing on propagation of Sahaj Marg.
  • The organiser should have been generally practicing Sahaj Marg for a sufficient period of time and is himself/herself quite convinced about its efficacy, because of self-exposure. Only such a person will be able to convince new persons.
  • As mentioned earlier, organiser would be an abhyasi sufficiently versed with Sahaj Marg system. He/she should also be regularly studying Rev. Babuji's literature written by Him only. Commentaries on His literature by others must be discouraged at all cost. His own writings only should be referred for any clarification and not the commentaries written by others.
  • If some 'good' local influential abhyasis could be inducted into the team of organizers, it could be an added advantage in propagation of the Sahaj Marg system.
  • The organiser should try to be a model abhyasi himself/herself, because seeing him/her, new people would be attracted and tempted to join Sahaj Marg.
  • The organiser should not have any material gain or benefit whatsoever in view while discharging the functions of an organizer.