The easiest and surest means to achieve the goal is to surrender yourself to the great MASTER and become a "Living dead" yourself. This feeling of surrender , if cultivated by forced or mechanical means, seldom proves to be genuine. It must develope automatically within you without least strain or pressure upon the mind . If the knowledge of self is retained, even then it is not true surrender. What remains to be done when you have surrendered yourself in the true sense? Nothing . I believe that in this state an Abhyasi will be in close touch with Reality all the time and the current of divine effulgence will continue its flow to him without any break. In this way you can solve your problem of life in the easiest and most efficacious way in the shortest possible time. Therefore, if one can give away his heart, i.e. make a gift of it to the Divine Master, hardly anything more remains to be done. This shall naturally bring him to the state of absorption in the Absolute Reality. The adoption of this simple and easy technique makes the very begining to be the end of it. What except a tiny heart can be the fittest offering for the achievement of the dearest object of life?

One thing more. To effect the surrender of heart in the easiest way, only an act of will is required. Besides, the lighter and finer will , the more efffective shall be its working. The adoption of this method is sure to bring is an attitude of renunciation from the very first day. A couragious start is all that is needed for the prupose.

Self surrender is nothing but a state of complete resignation to the will of the Master, with total disregard to self. A permanent stay in this condition leads to the begining of the state of negation. When we surrender ourselves to the great Master we begin to attaract a constant flow of highest Divine Force from Him. In this state a man thinks or does only that which his Master's will ordains. He feels nothing in the world to be his belonging, but everything as a sacred trust from the Master and he does everything thinking to be his Master's bidding. His will becomes completely subservient to the will of the Master. Surrender is not an ordinary thing to be achieved easily. It begins after complete negation of all senses and faculties for which we proceed by elementary rules of devotion. We submit to our Master, thinking him to be a super human being. We love him with devotion and faith and reverence trying by all means to attaract his attention and favour.

Sages have classified disciples under two main heads: the Manmat and the Gurumat. The former are those who approach the Guru with some particular worldly end in view such as relief from misery, desire for wealth, etc. They submit to him only so long as they are hopeful of satisfaction of their desires. When they meet disappointment in this respect they are off. For such disciples the question of obedience or submission does not arise, what to say of surrender. Gurumat disciples are those who obey the commands of the Master in all matters and try to submit to his will in all possible ways. Submission begins with obedience. When we are deeply impressed by the great powers of a Master of higher attainments in spirituality we feel inwardly inclined to follow his biddings.

A beautiful example of surrender is presented to us by Bharat, the son of Dasharath, when he went to the forest along with the people of Ayodhya to induce brother Ram to return. In reply to the entreaties of the people Ram gravely replied that he would be quite willing to return to the capital provided Bharat asked him to do so. All eyes were turned towards Bharat, who was himself there to induce him to return. But he calmly replied, "It is not for me to command but only to follow". Therefore self-surrender has great importance for an Abhyasi in his pursuit.