Haqeeqat Benakaab (Reality without covering) ..Part-32-....................................Shubh Chintak Kishore & Sharad Chandra

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Haqeeqat Benakaab (Reality without covering)..
Part 32
Our object regarding Mission of Rev. Babuji Maharaj Mission
Shubh Chintak Kishore & Sharad Chandra
We have decided to work only for promotion of His mission (object) and will be
working for that till we are living. We do not care to know others’ opinion about us.
We are answerable for His faith and trust in us for which He selected us and allotted
the duty to promote His mission of propagating Sahaj Marg System as He founded
and explained it.
His allotted mission (object) to us :
Connect deserving with Power through sincere and devotional prayer, and explain
why practice of the same is important. Those practicing Sahaj Marg System have to
accept Him only as Master, otherwise no benefit can be derived from Sahaj Marg.
“Master can not be two for any system”.
Further, it may also be noted that Rev. Lalaji Saheb was not His Master. Rev. Babuji
Maharaj respects Him as Samarth Guru; meaning thereby capable master. But Rev.
Lalaji Saheb’s method was suffism and not Sahaj Marg. Rev. Babuji Maharaj brought
to light this founded Sahaj Marg System in the year 1945 which is much after the
mahasamadhi of Rev. Lalaji Saheb in the year 1931. Rev. Babuji Maharaj told that He
can not appoint any one as His representative, because founder only remains as
Powerful Power for His founded System. History is a witness, Lord Buddha, Jesus,
Prophet Mohammad and others and founders of their system “Powers can be shared
but can not be transfered”.
Rev. Babuji Maharaj had merged into Power just after His mahasamadhi. Power
always remains powerful to help deserving.
Other than Him, all the claimants including those seemingly accepted as master for
His founded System are exploiting the innocent human beings for their selfish
material object, Their neo-rich financial status are a witness.
Nature’s awarded punishment to these claimants will be witnessed by the people.
Such persons know their position very well but do not have courage to accept this
truth before their members, because of false prestige enjoyed by them.
Once Rev. Babuji Maharaj told that He would not be able to forgive anyone for wrong
action against the Mission after His physical living, because Power only do justice
without any discrimination.
Date : 22nd Feb 2013 Amen.

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