Haqeeqat Benakaab (Reality without covering) ..Part-31-....................................Sharad Chandra

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Haqeeqat Benakaab (Reality without covering)..
Part 31
Conversation with Rev. Babuji Maharaj
Dated 20th February, 2013 at 3.40 A.M. (IST)
Sharad Chandra
During my said conversation with Him, I asked Him ‘Is there any use of our opening
up the secrets in writing as told by you from time to time, as people do not appear to
show interest in it ? His immediately reply was “Tum logon ko samajhne key liye
kiyon pareshan ho. Tum ko jo duty dee hai raz ki baten bataney ki us ko anjam do.
Yeaha sirf jo is key layaq hain un key liyey hai, jo hamesha chand hi hotey hain.
Mujhey khud is tarah ki halateyn jhelani pari jab mainey rohaaniyat ka kam
maanav samaj key fayedey key livyey shuru Kiya tha, lakin aakhir men mainey sarey
raz layaq logon key faidey key liye kholney ka faisla kiya. ( Why are your worried for
the response of people at large. You discharge the allotted duty to you to open up the
secrets; it is only for the deserving ones which are always very few. I too had to face
the same situation when I started the spiritual work for the benefit of mankind, but at
last I decided to open all the secrets for the benefit of deserving ones.
Kishore ko bhi bata do, jissey voh bhi saarey raz jo mainey us ko bataye hain khol
dey. Mainey kitni bar kaha hai ki mainey jo khuch likha hai voh naselen abhi paida
honey wali hain unkey liyey hai. Voh tum par bhi laagu hota hai. Tum apni
zimmedari ko duty samghtey huyey, razon ko kholo. (Convey this to Kishore also so
that he should also open all the secrets which I told him. I had told many a times that
what all I have written is for generations yet to born. Same applies to you also. You
open up secrets keeping in mind as discharging allotted duty.
Tum agar bataye huye razon ko nahi kholana chahtey ho, to likhey huyey sarey
kaaghazon ko takiye ke necchey rakh kar so jao (If you do not want to open up all
explained secrets, then keep all the written papers under your pillow and sleep).
I came out from my own bounded desire for acknowledgement and promised Him
that I shall continue discharging His allotted duties without caring about the response.
He became happy and said “I expect this from you. I trained you to complete the
allotted work, which you and me only know”.
Date; 21st Feb 2013

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