Haqeeqat Benakaab (Reality without covering) ..Part-30-...................................Sharad Chandra

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Haqeeqat Benakaab (Reality without covering)..
Part 30
Founded truth is not dependent on believers
Sharad Chandra
I, Sharad Chandra, eldest grandson of Rev. Babuji Maharaj, derive utmost
happiness reiterating the existence of my very intimate co-ordial and long
association with Him starting from the time of His physical living and
continuing in the same texture till this day.
“Rev. Babuji Maharaj as a Special Personality is God power. Once in 1979, I
had asked Him what was the difference between Him and the God? His
reply was the God was having all the Powers. With His kind permission, I
gave my view “Aap ney murdey mein jaan daali hai, yaih sirf khuda hee kar
sakta hai, faraq sirf aap mein aur khuda mein itna hai ki voh dikhta nahin hai
aur aap dikhtey hain” (You have given life to dead body which only God can
do. The only difference between you and God is that He is not visible and
you are visible). At the end He said “your understanding is excellent” .
Further, based on my conversation with Him, I would like to assert
• Rev. Lalaji Saheb was not His master, it will take time for this
understanding to reach the common belief, but the fact will ever remain
a fact. Rev. Lalaji Saheb was practicing Suffism which has nothing to do
with Sahaj Marg. If Rev. Lalaji Saheb were His Master, then why He
(Rev. Babuji Maharaj) did not promote Suffism and why did He find the
Sahaj Marg System ?
• Abhyasis of SRCM talk about only Rev. Babuji Maharaj founding and
promoting Sahaj Marg System. Writings of Rev. Babuji Maharaj explain
only about His founded System and no where does He talk about Rev.
Lalaji in relation to spiritual growth under Sahaj Marg. His emphasis is
only to practice the Sahaj Marg System and realise God.
• Rev. Babuji Maharaj was ‘Patanjal Rishi’ in one of His previous lives for
propagation of Raj Yoga System. Observing the present need, He was
born in the year 1899 as Ram Chandra popularly came to be known as
“Babuji” in a rich and well known land lord family at Shahjahanpur (UP
- India ).
• In this birth He modified His own propagated Raj Yoga system to suit
ordinary house holder in practicing for God / Self- realisation and
named it as Sahaj Marg (Natural and easy Path). He fixed His mission
that it should become a way of life world over. With the same object, He
propagated and suggested the mankind to practice and realise God
Power within their living period.
• Founders of system never had masters nor they appointed any
representative, because “Power can be shared, but cannot be transferred”,
as it is not a property which can be seen but it is invisible, Powerful and
omni present to help deservings.
For example : like Lord Jesus, Prophet Mohammad, Lord Buddha and
others, Rev. Babuji Maharaj is the founder of His Sahaj Marg system. None
of them were having masters nor did they appoint representatives. Globally
followers of their system are getting benefits. The constant adding up of the
number of followers itself is a witness.
Date; 18th Feb 2013

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