Haqeeqat Benakaab (Reality without covering) ..Part-29 Shubh Chintak Kishore& Sharat Chandra

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Haqeeqat Benakaab (Reality without covering)..
Untrue belief of members of SRCM
Part 29
Shubh Chintak Kishore & Sharad Chandra
We would say that it is entirely false and foolish propaganda of a large number of
SRCM members that we, S.C.Kishore and Sharad Chandra, are trying to establish
themselves as saint like Rev. Babuji Maharaj. Yes, you can say one common ground
with Him is, that of boldness, boldness to highlight the truth. Most of our
highlighted truth are told by Him only and few are as a result of our dedicated
observations. He keeps talking to us some spiritual secrets and about the worthless
self-styled master with the direction to highlight them at the right time under His
instructions. The right time has come for us to disclose them, according to Him.
Any valid explanation to our view is welcome, and we will bring the same to His kind
notice. We do not feel sorry for false propagandists, because we know those innocent
members (slaves) have no choice to correctly and independently think. Thinking is
done by their living master and they have only to follow as explained. Not following
the given instructions will force them to discontinue their relations with the mission.
They can not afford to compromise on their material benefit or hopes for the same,
thus accepting wrong explanations as right.
 Founders never had masters nor any representatives, because they are born with Power and ever remain Powerful.
Their presence can be felt only by those who are sincere and regular in practice.
He always said “ One lion is better than a thousand sheeps” . When we analyze these
words, we really find that very few are connected with Him through Power as lions
are very few and rest are sheeps.
We boldly express our logical views to sensible abhyasis and members to understand
and follow the truth. “Spiritual growth is possible only by attaching with Rev.
Babuji Maharaj; His Power is Omni Present. It can be felt only by devotional
practice of His founded Sahaj Marg System and on top of it His blessings are a must
which are attracted by FAITH”.
Thanks Amen
Date : 16th Feb 2013

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