Haqeeqat Benakaab (Reality without covering) ..Part-25-....................................Shubh Chintak Kisjhore

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Haqeeqat Benakaab (Reality without covering)..
Difference between persons “ Practicing the
perfect spiritual System” and “others”
Part 25
Shubh Chintak Kishore & Sharad Chandra
The difference between those who are regular in practice of Sahaj Marg System
and others can easily be observed -
the former become wise and intelligent and
the latter become clever and cunning.
Wise & Intelligent : The wise are capable of handling any situation
intelligently, without fear or becoming restless. Because they have a great trust
on the self, supported by spiritual Power available to them due to their honest
and devotional practice. It is important as it helps them to handle the
circumstances as they develop.

Clever and Cunning : Such person always look from their angle of selfish
material growth. They may materially grow but always remain in restless state
due to fear of losing. Because their material growth is not based on their fair
actions and means, accordingly, it will never be permanent. Globally, many
such examples can be observed.

Based on our long years of experience of devotional practice of Sahaj Marg
System, we suggest to those who wish to become wise and intelligent to handle
challenges, which are bound to come to all of us till we are alive, and practice
the System regularly to become closer to the perfect master.

Founder of the System Rev. Babuji Maharaj used to say, “I prepare masters”,
the hidden meaning of it is that those who are regular in practice they become
closer to Master.
9th Feb 2013

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