Haqeeqat Benakaab (Reality without covering) ..Part-24-....................................Shubh Chintak Kisjhore

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Haqeeqat Benakaab (Reality without covering)..
Crime for Wilful Demolition of Monuments /Remains, which Spiritual Heritage
Part 24
Shubh Chintak Kishore
Sharad Chandra
Any place where any spiritually evolved Personality had visited/lived, is
recognizable by the presence of power there, like the places connected with Lord
Krishna, Rama, Christ and others can be spotted. Though it is a difficult task and
everybody can not accomplish it. The difficult task of spotting out/locating the
places connected with Lord Krishna at Vrindaban, Mathura , Dwarka, etc., was
assigned to Rev. Babuji by the Divine. Rev. Babuji told me that it could be
accomplished only by recognition of the presence of power in those places. The
Power remains in such places even upto very deep level of the ground. Even floods
or inundating of such places by water, cannot erase the presence of power from
there. It is on this nature’s principle that Rev. Babuji could locate Lord Krishna’s
cremation place near the bank of River Yamuna at Mathura (U.P.) after span of such
a long time.
Likewise, the Rai Babadur Haweli (big mansion) at Mohalla Dewan Jograj,
Keruganj, Shahjahanpur (UP – India ) is one such place. Rev. Babuji was born there.
His nal (* placenta) is buried there. Like Lord Krishnas, nal is buried beneath
Dwarkadhish temple at Mathura (U.P.). People find peace in that temple even today.
The actual place of birth or founding of Sahaj Marg is the said haweli where
Rev. Babuji was born and lived all through His life. The amount of power that is
existing there and shall remain for perpetuity till this universe exists, shall serve as a
reminder of His presence there. It is the duty of at least Rev. Babuji’s family
members and Sahaj-Marg abhyasis to see to its preservation for the posterity. The
entire ground of that haweli is charged with power.
Parthasarthi Rajagopalachari is tampering with the floor of the outside verandah of
His haweli, where Rev. Babuji used to sit most of the time when He was in
Shahjahanpur. Each brick of that floor is so precious from the point of view of
power, that it is indescribable . Chari is getting the bricks of the floor removed and
instead putting cut/broken pieces of stones placed there in the name of renovation
of that place.
Rev. Babuji Maharaj was against using of the donation money for renovation of
His or anybody’s personal prosperity or to use donation money for their family
welfare. Though the Mission was having sufficient money during His life time,
but He never used it for a purpose other than promotion of His mission. The
work being done by Chari would have been done by Him if it were proper.
Parthasarthi used donation money for lavish renovation of his personal property
at “Gayathri” Chennai and for his family welfare. Even to-day He said in intercommune
that these actions of Chari are against His wish.
Parthasarthi is also using donation money to renovate His Samadhi in the
Shahjahanpur Ashram which is well maintained, and requires no work. And
further, the Samadhi is not the mission property by any right. We remember that
when He get renovated Rev. Lalaji Samadhi at Fatehgarh, this was done with the
permission of His family members, and Rev. Babuji spent His personal money,
saying that since Lalaji Saheb was the personal possession of his family, so He
needed permission from his family for its renovation. Since Rev. Babuji respected
Him as an great personality so He spent His personal money as mark of respect
for him. The basic idea is that donations received by mission are for the purpose
of promoting missions objective and used for and other purpose, it is injustice to
donors. Parthasarthi being from poor family background and not having such
broad vision, cannot afford to spend moneys from his personal account. So as per
his distorted view, he is using donation money to show his members/followers
how much respect he have for Him.
So some of the question which arise are :
• Ways should have been found for bricks strengthening or plastering, instead
of their being removed, as those contained power and the power lost cannot
be replaced now at any cost.
• Why broken prices of stones have been used in stead of stone slabs or titles on
that floor?
• Has Chari obtained permission from all the present owners of that property ?
We know it for certain that he has not done so, Chari is quite aware of what
he is doing to show to his innocent members, who refuse to exercise their
mind that he is doing so to honour his Master, but actually he has committed
illegality, in law as well crime against the posterity of depriving them of
invaluable power by removal of bricks.
Unfortunately, we have conceded that Chari has really become spirituality bankrupt.
So proper thoughts do not arise in his mind. It is another proof of Rev. Babuji
having withdrawn the spiritual powers bestowed upon by Him. May God save him.
Delhi/Chennai (India) Amen
8th February 2013

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