Haqeeqat Benakaab (Reality without covering) ..Part-23-....................................Shubh Chintak Kisjhore

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Haqeeqat Benakaab (Reality without covering)..
Common belief of some that when we close eyes for meditation, we sleep
Part 23
Shubh Chintak Kishore & Sharad Chandra
Commonly, with certain people a belief is that they find themselves under sleep
during meditation. But the truth is that at that moment we get real peace, for which
we have been aspiring. The logical explanation of that is, when we are conscious of
sleep, which means we were in awakening state. The real condition of sleep is, when
we become unconscious and the body is under rest. A very popular saying is “Deep
sleep appears like a dead body”
Our long year’s experience of mediation tells us that regular practice promotes more
alertness within us which helps to realise the spiritual secrets and supports us to
realise the reality in reality.
We observed that spirituality is for everybody, but unfortunately everybody does
not welcome it, because most of us are not able to come out from their material
greed. This phenomenon is found in most of the human beings. We accept the
remembrance of God with the belief that He will help us to be in peace. This is
conditional remembrance. He also helps but with the condition, like us, that till we
are in His remembrance He will help. But the reality is that we need His help all the
time, so our remembrance should be constant and without condition.
8th Feb.2013

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