The dark shadow at Shri Ram Chandra Mission after

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Shubh Chintak Kishore

There are lot many people all over  the world who are rich in terms of external physical / worldly wealth but there are very few who are rich in terms of internal wealth. We all know that while leaving the world, the external wealth acquired during the stay in the world is entirely left over in the world itself, but the internal wealth which becomes part of each one’s self, accompanies the person. Such a person is rich internally, but still the world is mad over external wealth. So wise people have always preferred the later wealth – even forsaken kingdoms for the sake of inner wealth.

Shri Ram Chandra Mission, Shahjahanpur (U.P.) is a Society which was registered on 21.07.1945 under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. Under the registered constitution and Bye-laws of the Mission, the President of the Mission is its constitutional head and for his assistance he has the power to nominate a Working Committee. The Constitution and Bye-laws provide how the new President is to be appointed after the earlier President ceases to exist physically. Those provisions would come into operation each time a new President is to be appointed.

Changes in certain provisions of the said Societies Registration Act, 1860, have also been brought about by the law. The question that may arise for consideration is whether on vital issues of any Society, the amended act takes priority or not over the provisions of the societies registered before those amendments. Like after independence of the country, the legal question of amendment to the ‘ Benaras Hundu University ’ law and ‘ Aligarh Muslim University ’law came up for consideration. The legal view in those cases, as I remember, was that they cannot be changed. So the names of those universities remain unchanged, even though it infringes the secular character of the country. After Rev. Babuji breathed His last on 19th April 1983 morning, people were in deep mourning but the activity for His successorship became lively after arrival of Sri Parthasarthi Rajagopalachari on that evening from Madras. This activity continued from that time till the physical remains of the mortal body of Rev. Babuji were cremated at Shahjahanpur on 21st April 1983 and even thereafter also.

Apart from being the height of indecent and inhuman behaviour on the past of Chari in those circumstances, the abhyasis mind over the question of successor President, vis-à-vis the constitution of Shri Ram Chandra Mission was really hardly applied. Even the members of Working Committee at the Mission really got hypnotized in only considering the paper nomination alleged to have been given by Rev. Babuji to Chari in the year 1976.

The interesting part is that the alleged nomination was on the following lines : 

"I………. appoint Sri Parthasarthi Rajagopalachari President in Sahaj Marg System . Sd. Ram Chandra” Chari was not even allegedly appointed by Rev. Babuji as President of Shri Ram Chandra Mission, but only President of Sahaj Marg system. Yet, he prevailed over the Working Committee members and in a meeting convened at Hyderabad , where only a few members of Committee reached there by the appointed time for the meeting, he got his alleged nomination paper for Presidentship of the Sahaj Marg System accepted, as President of Shri Ram Chandra Mission. Thereafter, he just increased the membership of the Mission by enrolling innocent persons, so that at one time the question of “balance of convenience” came in his favour and courts also upheld his name till a proper person under the constitution of the Mission came up for the Presidentship . Chari was allowed to work as sort of caretaker President of the Mission . Since he had the Mission’s huge funds lying at its Madras Centre at his disposal, he had tremendous opportunity cost favouring him.

The caretaker person is still working as an autocratic President of the Mission as none had that much money Power at his disposal to challenge him, as he had.

Once the natural course of nature’s working law comes into operation, the question of appointment of the new President for Shri Ram Chandra Mission, Shahjahanpur, under its constitution, would come up.

Chari, as a time-gap working head, can not appoint next  legal President under the constitution of Shri Ram Chandra Mission and even if he does so, it will be illegal abinitio. 

The new President of the Mission as per the constitution of the Mission will take back all the diverted properties and funds because the new trusts which came up after Chari got hold of the Mission’s reins, will be proved benami for Chari for fulfilling his malafide intents and the diverted funds and properties will get back to the Mission.

As per Rev. Babuji’s ideas, I give a few glimpses of the things to come.

• There would be no ‘Delegate donation’ for attending the Mission’s functions. Rev. Babuji was against it, but Chari insisted on it even in His time. He had always been treating abhyasis as His personal guests ;

• Food and living in the Ashram premises would be provided at no cost basis by the Mission to all abhyasis visiting the Mission. (People may give any donation but there would be no compulsory charge in this regard whatsoever) ;

• Even old and poor abhyasis who cannot afford to visit Shahjahanpur would be provided facilities by the Mission for the purpose, taking due precaution against its misuse;

• The Mission’s authorized literature would be given ‘on cost basis’ to members and even without charging any cost from deserving poor abhyasis, with a view to propagate Rev. Babuji’s mission (objects), subject to rules for safeguard against its misuse ;

• Other facilities considered necessary for spiritual elevation will be provided to encourage true aspirants of Sahaj-Marg;

• To encourage openness and feeling of mutual respect, love and brotherhood amongst abhyasis, instead of developing feelings of secretiveness and aversion towards other members of Sahaj-Marg and people in general, and further to encourage each abhyasi to work for the goal of life in their life-time, etc., etc.

The day is not far off when Rev. Babuji’s established Ashram at Shahjahanpur, will got rid of the dark shadow and regain its old luster and come back to its original role of spreading spirituality, from its present degenerated status of social organization.

Readers of my truth based explanations about past actions of Chari may not be happy because they are not aware of the truth; but his present actions are a witness to gauge his reality. Critical approach helps to know the reality.

New Delhi 13th August 2012 Amen


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