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 of Sahaj Marg : Ram Chandra


Every Sanstha (organization) of the world has a peculiar tinge, which is the focus of all its thoughts.
A great man has ever been the founder of every such Sanstha.
He comes down for the Divine, works and acts in accordance with the will of God.
Great sages are born to work for the remodeling of the world in all necessary ways.

When the darkness of ignorance is in ascendency in the world some such personality does descend to earth to dispel the darkness.

The Hindus, having lost their sense of duty in respect of spirituality, got quite away from it and it passed on into other hands. The result was that their cognizance of reality got almost extinct.
For this reason Nature felt a dire necessity of bringing down to earth
a personality like that of Samarth Guru Shri Mahatma
RamChandraji of Fatehgarh, U;P., for the regeneration of the world.
He was born on February 2, 1873, the Basant Panchami Day.
Having, played his part full-well in the spiritual field, he departed
from this material world, leaving the responsibility of the work
upon his worthiest disciple, Mahatma Ram Chandraji of
Shahjahanpur who had been gifted during the Master’s lifetime
with higher attainments necessary for the final approach.
It was however after twelve years of the Master’s merging
into Divinity that his will at last began to get materialized.
Such has often been the case with some of the great personalities of yore,
of which there are numerous instances.

It depends entirely upon the discretion of such

great personalities to effect any change or

alteration in accordance with the Nature’s

command, for carrying out his plan of work.

A Samarth Guru can transform himself into the being of
any of his disciples who might have the capacity to work as
his representative.
Consequently the Great Master had once in 1928 expressed
his views in this connection, before one of his worthy disciples,
Munshi Madan Mohan Lal Sahib, who was then In-charge
of the Satsangh at Shahjahanpur,
“Ram Chandra shall be the Light of the house.
This fact was related to other associates of the time, too.

It is no strange thing for a great personality like that of
the Master to make another man similar to himself.

Every one of his followers was fully aware of the fact that

he did possess that wonderful capacity of transforming

at a mere glance, a man needed by the time.

His extensive power and capacity cannot be truly

estimated except by Providence Himself.

These commandments and the philophical comments there
on display His unlimited capabilities.
This spiritual philosophy will strike with wonder all those who make
a deep study of it and have the capacity of understanding.
People can judge the merits of Shri Ram Chandraji of
Shahjahanpur by the waves of thought flowing out from his mind.

For the solution of the problem of life, he has

propagated a new system known as ‘Sahaj Marg’_

the name having come down to him direct from above.

People may believe it or not, but the course of Nature is
definitely directed that way.
There may be controversies over that point, as has often been the case
with most of the greatest personalities of the past who were condemned
and reviled by the people of the time.

Lord Krishna himself is an example of it.

The main cause of it is that people generally draw their own
conclusions without judging the true merits of such a personality by practical experience and observation, The liberality of disposition
inherited from Nature turns his attention towards things conducive to the general welfare of humanity.
For the work he gets sufficient power from Nature which
withholds nothing from him.
He utilizes all the means suited to the spiritual regeneration of mankind
in accordance with the Divine Will.
He is at liberty to act for the transformation of the world in a way he
deems proper regardless of the intermediary incidents.
The course of Nature helps him in his work which is meant exclusively
for human welfare in general.
This is the irrevocable law of Nature.
The directions come from the Base and he is free to work in his own way
on the instructions revealed to him.
Thus the expounder of Sahaj Marg too being free in this respect, is on
with his work for the spiritual betterment of mankind.
The same old system has been revived in a new form under Divine directions.
Rules have been formulated and the basic philosophy, grossly neglected
so far, has been brought into the light of day, which goes to prove
the wonderful capabilities of the expounder.
The dynamic relations between man and God have been discussed which may induce philosophers to ponder seriously. It can serve a double purpose.
One can assume the true form of his being by adopting them in his daily life,
while those who like to have a philosophical knowledge of the science may
have the joy of mental recreation.
But its practical aspect alone can build .the future of a man and this is
possible only if the seeker secures the association of the spiritual innovator.
A deep study of the book will put the readers to wonder.
I shall induce every reader of the book to try for the direct perception
of things with his inner eyes.
Then and then alone can the reality be revealed to him.
The secrets of Nature are confined within the heart of a Yogi, the study
of which can enable one to secure approach to this spiritual science.
This is possible only when he takes up the practical lines adhering closely
to the directions of the Yogi.
Usually people misunderstand it as a most intricate problem but this is only
a veil that intervenes.
An easy thing can easily be achieved by easy means.
Every sentence of the book is pregnant with meaning;
read and enjoy; do and feel.
Puranpur, District

In this book I have endeavored to put up in words those spiritual secrets which have up till now come down from heart to heart. But since they relate to direct perception which depends upon the study of Nature and can be revealed by means of vibrations, it is not only difficult but almost impossible to express them adequately in words.

“True love cannot be expressed by words.
This is the very reality which is inexplicable in any way.”

In this respect, I may therefore say that it is proper for the readers to try to reach up to the real spirit, ignoring the defects of expression and language, and be profited, and help others to be profited by it.
Dec. 8, 1946.


I have tried my best to present a correct and meaningful translation of the book “Sahaj Marg Ke Das Ussolon Ke Sharah” originally written in Urdu by my revered Master, Mahatma Shri Ram Chandraji Maharaj, President, Shri Ram Chandra Mission, Shahjahanpur, U.P. (India). Nevertheless, if there is found any difference in the sense anywhere, the correct sense should be ascertained by referring to the original Urdu book.

The necessity of this present translation arose because the above- mentioned author has referred to this book in his subsequent English works namely, “Efficacy of Raj Yoga in the light of Sahaj Marg” and “Reality at Dawn”. Many readers of these English books, not acquainted with Urdu, had expressed their curiosity and desire to understand it.

I thank all my associates who have helped me in this sacred work of translating the Master’s book. I have to acknowledge especially the valuable services of Shri Sripati Rao Sarnad with whom I have worked very closely, and of Shri Ishwar Sahai Ji whose notes helped me a great deal in this connection.
Lastly, I most humbly offer this translation to my Master. May His holy presence illumine our hearts forever. Amen.
B.Sc., B.E., M.I.S.E.
Head of the Mechanical Engineering Section,
Polytechnic, Bellary, Bellary-South India, 18/08/1959


We are happy to present to the public this second edition of “Commentary on Ten Commandments of Sahaj Marg.”
After Master’s “Reality at Dawn” and “Efficacy of Raj Yoga”, “Ten Commandments” becomes easier to understand and be brought in to daily observance. These Commandments are a revelation to Master and in this sense are meant for the advanced practicant too.
They constitute the essence of the Sahaj Marg way of life and are not a mere list of do’s and don’ts.
They represent both the view and the way of life and being also a revelation they continue a very rare presentation. Though we have been anxious to retain the price of the book at its original level we regret it has not been possible in view of the increased cost of labour and material.
We hope that this edition will receive the same appreciation from the public as was accorded to the other books of Master.
Sept. 1969
Superintendent, Publication Department,
Shri Ram Chandra Mission, Shahajahanpur, U.P.,INDIA

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