Who is the Master of the Sahaj Marg System ? Sharad Chandra

Posted On Wednesday, August 1, 2018 | 7:16:43 PM

"Master can be  one  who is  always having authoritative Power 
and must be away from the cycle of  rebirth  and death" .   
Rev Babuji Maharaj told only a founder of a system can be a Master  because He  only commands  an authoritative Power to help  devotee seekers as he  is  away  from the cycle of rebirth and death.   
"The founders  of the systems never wanted  nor  ever relished  living human beings  to address them as  Master even when they were physically living.,  
because they were sure that  after their  physical  living they will merge into Power  
which will ever exist to help the  true aspirants".   
Only those  people  are talking about the need of living master who  are trying to promote their self as master,  because  actually  they  are not  so.  
Incidentally  those accepting the need  for living master i.e.  the   untrue  truth also  must be sure that they will never attain the Reality.   
Sharad chandra                                                                    27th July 2018         
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