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                                9th July 2018 
‘Initiated’    &   ‘Introduced’   distinguished 
Often we find  people loosely  using the words  initiated’   or  ‘introduced,   without  understanding their meaning and impact,  while  describing  how they got into the practice of 'Sahaj Marg  System'
In 'Sahaj Marg',  only Rev. Babuji  Maharaj  could initiate and nobody  else could do that.  

For those ' initiated',  Rev.   Babuji  took upon Himself  their responsibility.  

But if any ' initiated ' member committed  any mistake,  he/she also rendered himself/herself for punishment. 
The' initiated ' members get 100%  punishment for disobeying the Master.  

On the other hand,  if a Preceptor makes mistakes,  he/she is also liable  for punishment but fifty  percent compared to initiated member for similar mistake.   

Initiated members are very  few.  

All the well known Preceptors  have been initiated members and all of them without exception have degraded   and none of them  remains entitled for liberation. 
We  all  know  the condition which Parthasarthi Rajagopalachari  has achieved.   It is very sad. 
All other  members who have joined  the system,  may be by Rev.  Babuji  introduction  or by anybody else’s,  introduction   are only  ‘introduced’ .   
 Shubh  Chintak  Kishore
Sharad Chandra 
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Regular practice of Sahaj Marg System for 30 days will help us to decide why regular practice is important  

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