Preface of the Book: His wishes-SHRI RAM CHANDRA by Sharad Chandra & S C Kishore

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Rev. Babuji Maharaj’s  invaluable Conversations,  Clarifications,  Messages , etc.  recorded during His life time after  His mahasamadhi  are being reproduced here under His instructions so that these reach larger   audience for   awareness and better appreciation of facts  in right perspective .  

Perhaps it may be relevant to briefly refers to certain events which adversely  beseeched the affairs of  Shri Ram Chandra Mission,  Shahjahanpur (U.P.),  after His mahasamadhi.


2.  Background  

For better appreciation of  the facts, this document  gives air to  His last documented wish  as  

Founder President of Shri Ram Chandra Mission  dated 15th August 1982 released by Him at Paris (France) on 29th August 1982,  the main day 

at the Function organised by the Mission’s  members in Europe, titled :  “PARIS  DECLARATION”.    

This document is a sort  of blue print of the 

Founder  President’s  ‘Wish’  and ‘Vision’ 

relating to  

His founded Mission   as  He wanted it to be  run in future.   

After laying emphasis on the spiritual values   for  humanity, for which  the Mission was  formed, He  has dealt with there at length on the organisational aspect treating the entire world as one by expressing it  into various zones  with emphasis on proper accounting of public moneys.  

This document  earlier consigned to cold storage  

has been placed at the end 

so that at least it sees the light of the day. 

Since Rev.  Babuji  worked very hard in retrieving  the eloped system of Raj yoga 

and in re-modelling  the same as 

‘Sahaj Marg System’  

to suit the present day conditions, 

He wishes that its benefits continue to flow to future generations 

for which He has made the arrangements in the Nature on account of  His stature, 

an idea of which could be had from the  event mentioned here under.   

Before  His assuming  in  1944 the representative-ship  of His Guide,

as per his wish,   

His namesake  Ram Chandra of  Fatehgarh (UP)  known as Lalaji, a prodigy of Nature,   

thirteen (13) years after His mahasamadhi in 1931,  

He had challenged the other contenders to perform    any of the following three tests before staking their claim - 


·        one who could bring the entire Universe into a ‘Trans’ for a minute ;

· ·      one who could bestow highest spiritual status to anybody within a minute without causing death of that person ;

·        one who could charge any place with positive vibrations in a minute 

so that anybody passing through it gets into Samadhi; 

but none challenged Him  


for Himself,    

He said 

"He could perform all   the  three tests" .


He got Shri Ram Chanra Mission registered on21st July 1945 at Shahjahanpur (UP),  

with  the sole object of  propagating 'Sahaj - Marg'.  

With His tireless efforts , He took  'Sahaj - Marg' far and wide .


After His  mahasamadhi   on 19thApril 1983,  

while His physical remains were  still lying at Shahjahanpur for final disposal as per  Hindu  religious rites,  

late Parthasarthi Rajgopalachari (PR),  finding that his long awaited opportunity  

for acquiring the reins of  Shri Ram Chandra Mission had arrived, he disclosed on that occasion. 

He is holding nomination from Babuji to the Presidentship of the Mission since 1976  and should, 

therefore,  be straight away declared head of the Mission even before His body were cremated.  

It was not only  unusual, strange  and unexpected  in those circumstances,  but also against the general concept  regarding any person supposed to be having  spiritual powers and also claiming  to be  head of the spiritual organisation to stake his claim based on a  piece of paper only,  more so in the backdrop where his own  master had proved  his worth through  the above proposed tests.   

However,  late PR realizing people’s  reaction and   his hollowness on the subject,  decided for establishing his alleged  claim through court of law.  

The additional  supporting factor considered by him as weighing in his favour was his Secretary-ship of the Mission for several years.  

Here the intriguing thing  which he considered in his favour  is that he was sacked from that post by the Founder President on 05.02.1982,  which showed his lack of confidence in that person,  who later alleges that he holds from that  very Person nomination from 1976 for a higher responsible position of President !


However, having got the much awaited opportunity of patenting  the latent idea  of amassing wealth,   he (PR) en-cashed  it to the brim   as witnessed by the subsequent events through his  ingenious devices.  

He  diverted Mission’s    sources of funds  into his newly formed trusts  like ‘Babuji Memorial’,  ‘Lalaji Memorial’,  ‘Sahaj Marg  Foundation’, etc.,   apparently showing  to Mission’s ordinary members their semblance with the  names  of   ‘Rev.  Babuji’,  ‘Rev. Lalaji’  and ‘Sahaj Marg’.   

He succeeded in his game plan of  divesting the mission funds to the said newly created trusts to  complete exclusion ofany right therein to   Shri Ram Chandra Mission.   

Clearly looking into late PR’s  mischievous designs,  Sharad Chandra and S C Kishore  under  directions and  blessings of Rev.  Babuji Maharaj waged war against him by sending from October 2010 communications to thousands of  members of the Mission made by late PR exposing his sinister designs and techniques  adopted.   

As is well known  Sharad Chandra is the eldest grandson of Rev.  Babuji Maharaj and has the privilege of being trained by Him as  His future Representative and S.C.Kishore associated with Him since 1965 and also the Mission’s  Statutory Auditor enjoying  His full confidence from  His life time.  

The articles were also sent to late PR and his close associates,  which  were never contradicted by him or any of  his associates nor any action taken  by anyone thereby establishing that none had anything to contradict  on the reported  facts .


After late PR’s   demise in December 2014,  Kamlesh Desaibhai Patel stepped in   as unilateral and illegal usurper of the reins of the President for Shri Ram Chandra Mission.  He  wa salso  sent communications,  including on matters of finances earlier transmitted   to late PR,   for information and necessary action as per Rev.  Babuji Maharaj’s  instructions to us.   

These are being reproduced in this book for general awareness under His directions.  Like late PR, Kamleshbhai also has no comments to offer thereon.   Further,  he simultaneously  startednew  Forum of “Heartfulness”  and collecting  funds therein  alongside his heading  Shri Ram Chandra Mission Forum with no reply as yet for doing so. 

  Rev.  Babuji wants him to be fully exposed before His  finally deciding in the matter.


3.  In the copies of  articles/letters  being reproduced herewith, correction of  certain mistakes    like  spelling mistakes /verbal mistakes,  non-placing of inverted commas " " &  comas, deleting  repetition of some sentence/words  at some places and things of that kind,   have been done but with absolute no change in the sense of the communications  already  sent. Rev.  Babuji Maharaj statements in English,  have been given in italic font for easy identification.   Wherever  the matters reproduced  are  in Hindustani language,  its  translations in English language   and at  some places in Roman,  had also been given below within   brackets (  )    for larger understanding .


4. The unusual feature of this document are the Message / Conversations / Clarifications by Rev.  Babuji Maharaj  not only in person during His life time, but through inter-communes after His Mahasamadhi ,as well.  These are further supported by articles explaining His view point, including on  accounts and finances,  written  under  His instructions and guidance. 

It is expected that the  matter presented herewith  will  be taken as ‘His  Wishes’  for bringing about purification in the flowers of Sahaj Marg System  and paving way as He likes Shri Ram Chandra Mission to propagate Sahaj Marg   in future for persons desirous of self-realisation through it. 


In the service of   Divine Master , 

Shubh  Chintak Kishore 

The day of Deepawali,  30thOctober  2016

New Delhi - (India)



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