His-wishes.-.SHRI RAM CHANDRA by Sharad Chandra & S C Kishore

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HIS  WISHES -   SHRI RAM CHANDRA  popularly known   BABUJI MAHARAJ  reflect the true and correct messages of  The Master  to the abhyasis  and others who believe in spirituality  and practise Sahaj Marg System  to know meaning and purpose of human life. His wishes are the revelations  of Babuji Maharaj to  His eldest grandson Shri Sharad Chandra,  President,  Society for Babuji’s  Mission who has been bestowed with the special blessings and power of our Master and  Shri Shubh Chintak Kishore,FCA,  who had the extra ordinary privilege  to be in close touch  with Babuji Maharaj for almost  two decades .   This book reflects and guides  on  howto become an abhyasi  in the true  sense and practise Sahaj Marg system, as prescribed by The Master to understand the meaning and achieve the purpose of life  and simultaneously  be aware of the peoples’ who try to mislead and misrepresent  Shri Ram ChandraMission,  Shahjahanpur,  and the efficacious system of Sahaj Marg System as profounded by Babuji Maharaj . 


After His mahasamadhi in 1983 and observing that  some people with vested interest  have been trying to mislead  the innocent abhyasis and others,  Babuji Maharaj through HIS WISHES  via inter-communes and inspirations  has  made his views  known to abhyasis and others about Sahaj Marg System  and  Shri Ram Chandra Mission,  Shahjahanpur. 

 It is, therefore, imperative for  all of us to understand,  fully comprehend and appreciate  the most  authoritative views of our Master   so that we do not get astray  from our  object in   achieving our ultimate goal  to merge  with the Ultimate.    Through exceptionally gifted  and who have been bestowed with the rarest and special technique of inter-commune and inspiration,  namely,   esteemed Shri  Sharad Chandra  and  Shri S C Kishore  through whom  Babuji has revealed His Wishes on the vital issues touching mankind and humanity have been brought out in this book.  

It may become absolutely crystal clear   to abhyasis and other readers that  the power – NATURE  will   not  spare those who work with vested interests and were  against the  path of spirituality.  It is, therefore,  incumbent upon  abhyasis and other readers that  we must improve our conduct and behaviour, which should be like Ceaser’s wife, impeccable and untouchable  to get  the kindness and compassion of our Master.  

Our personal conduct and behaviour,  as Babuji firmly believed and practised  and expect each one of us  to say  to firmly do, as He said “I do what I say and I say what I do " .   There should not be even  - subtle distinction between our saying and doing .  

Only then and then  we can become  an abhyasi of Sahaj Marg System and  the grace of our Master will flow to us  and our families.  

 This volume is in the form of series, which  would be conveying the further  text of inter-commune between   Babuji    Maharaj and  esteemed  dear Sharad Chandra and  Shri S CKishore  and would be brought   in the public domain from time to time.  It is anticipated that the readers   will immensely benefit  from this dedicated and pains taking work undertaken by Society for Babuji’s Mission  for the benefit of mankind and humanity  at large.  



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