Rev.Babuji's Unpublished Works/Literature

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ortantmanuscripts, unpublished literature. Some of these things he

managed toget due to his cleverness, his past position as Secretary of the

Mission ,encashing and exciting north south feelings, reportedly using money

power,etc. Some of the important office documents like Mission ’s Working

Committeeminutes, Rev. Babuji’s important orders, his correspondence files,

etc., hemanaged to get even before he engineered the acceptance of his alleged

nominationpaper by the Mission’sworking Committee at Hyderabad (AP).

N.S. Rao,a member of the Missionfrom Tamil area, was the office-assistant

guardingthe office documents at the Mission’s Headquarter at Shahjahanpur in

Rev.Babuji’s last days and also for some time after His mahasamadhi.

DearSharad told me that Chari had asked him alsoto give him all such things

that hemay be having. His son Krishna also tried toinfluence him saying that

Appa (hisfather – Chari ) would get them laminated andpreserve them safely.

In replydear Sharad reportedly said that he could also do that whatever his appa

could do.Dear Sharad told me that in conversation with Chariand his son, he

came toknow that all such things (papers) were kept in Germany . It is worth

noticingthat Chari did not print any of thoseunpublished matters of Rev. Babuji

It will beobserved that Chari printed his versions andunderstanding of Sahaj

Marg,inspirations in hallucination stage, etc., which of course have no

significancefor spiritual upliftment, but with a view to impress innocent people

about hispersonality making by Rev. Babuji, as he himself had nothing to sell on

his ownwithout involving Rev. Babuji and Shri Ram Chandra Mission’s name.

But hewould not make the mistake of publishing Rev. Babuji unpublished

matter(papers) as that would deflate him puffed-up personality and nobody

would callhim Master and none would also buy his publications. And he would

not liketo miss the manipulated opportunity for acquiring money and money

power andfame through that.

Rev.Babuji has recently told that He, being the writer of all His writings,

would getall the required matter brought out through us – dear Sharad and

myself . Make nomistake that Rev. Babuji is the only power for guidance and

help forspiritual elevation and none else, neither now nor at any time in future –

so ponderover it for your own good.


New Delhi

Dated 14thSeptember2012 (7.40 A.M – IST)


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