Proclaimation by people about stages given by Rev.Babuji- How to judge its reality? ... Sharad Chandra & S C Kishore

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Haqeeqat Benakaab 
(Reality Unveiled) 
10th April 2017 
Proclamation by people about stages given by Rev. Babuji - How to judge its reality? 
We have been hearing for quiet sometime about big big claims being made by several people regarding the stages and conditions given by Rev. Babuji Maharaj to them. 
Many of such persons like - Raghvendra Rao, Kasturi, Parthasarthi, Sarnad, S P Srivastava – are no more. 
Rev. Babuji says that those conditions by anyone of them were not earned, but were only bestowed by Him for doing public good. 
Therefore, for their continuance, allegiance and regard by such persons to the Master was absolutely essential and which were totally absent in them, and, therefore, all of them slipped down according to Him. 
The actions by these people after Rev. Babuji’s physical veiling in 1983 are witness of their conditions, e.g., 
Parthasarthi considered Rev. Babuji dead and gone, so he replaced himself as ‘living master’ ostensibly for meeting the needs of the Mission members. 
Raghvendra Rao, Kasturi, Sarnad had left Rev. Babuji and joined Parthasarthi. 
Disillusioned shortly thereafter, Raghvendra Rao and Kasturi deserted Parthasarthi, having got no positions from him. 
They started their own work shops dispensing spirituality as is well known to all. 
Sarnad being Secretary of the mission, continued with Chari as he did not want to loose the position. 
S.P. Srivastava started another NGO and continued with that. 
This is what had happened and had been witnessed by all, there is nothing new that we only are saying. 
What is new is that we have the courage and guts to say so, 
as we have the direction from none else that Rev. Babuji Maharaj 
to disclose that He having bestowed the highest condition on many of them with the idea of serving humanity through them, 
but their greed for power & fame and ungratitiousness made them fall down. 
Anybody in His place would have felt that he wasted his time and power by working on such persons. 
With that condition and power none of them even prepared one person on whom the least condition of liberation could be granted by me (Rev. Babuji). 
He further wants people to know that they all had been busy only in popularising themselves and making their groups even during His 
(Rev. Babuji’s ) life time. 
Parthasarthi’s present status has already been conveyed, as it is very depressing it is not being repeated here again. 
About others Rev. Babuji has only chosen to say that after death none of them is even nearer to liberation and are in for Nature’s punishments. 
About those still surviving few persons of His times and claiming high spiritual conditions, but are not presenting themselves through their actions even as specimen followers of their Divine Master except boasting their conditions before others instead of making others feel something based on their inner values. 
One such living person is asserting and writing that Raghvendra Rao had said that he was in the central region. 
Thanks, that person does not claim that Rev. Babuji had said so. 
One can well understand the veracity of such claim made through the strength of a person who himself is nowhere near to elevation. 
Another such person, son of a literary figure from South India, thinks no end to his ego and is still making fat money by misusing Sahaj Marg, 
his wealth, literary knowledge and ego 
are all that he shows to people . 

The recent daring amongst the line of high-ups is Kamlesh Desaibhai Patel, who has illegally occupied the highest administrative seat of the Mission, and from that position is only propagating his new found concept of Heartfulness , apart from calling him as master of spirituality, which position even Rev. Babuji did not claim. 
He seems to consider himself immune from the Nature’s laws and its punishment process ! 
But He finds himself far away from his living master late Chari’s superiority of physical wealth. 
If he were to prove his worth of being late Chari’s disciple, he has to work like him by adopting all means ! 
We would, however, like to express that we are still hoping to meet one such person from His times who is only propagating His views and trying to prove worthy of the confidence reposed by Him . 
Such high-ups first talk or pose of their non-existent spiritual conditions and then in the second breathe only recite Babuji ! 
On our request to Him to throw further light in the matter so that we are not mislead, Rev. Babuji has said that judge such persons by their actions and not words. 
Sharad Chandra (eldest son of Rev. Babuji) 
S C Kishore 
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