Another proof that Rev.Lalaji Saheb had nothing to do with Sahaj Marg System .....S C Kishore

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Haqeeqat Benakaab 
(Reality Unveiled) 
10th April 2017 
Another proof that Rev. Lalaji Saheb had nothing to do with Sahaj Marg System 
S C Kishore 
Rev. Babuji Maharaj formally founded Sahaj Marg System in the year 1945, while Rev.Lalaji Saheb had left the mortal world earlier as back as in the year 1931. 
The strength for establishing the system by Rev. Babuji will also be found in Divya Adesh as at several places therein, 
Rev. Lalaji has praised Rev. Babuji’s technique in very high words. 
Further, Rev. Lalaji never laid any claim on the Sahaj Marg system which was non-existent at his time. 
His writings are witness to that. 
Further, the stone embedded on the front wall of the meditation hall at Shahjahanpur (U.P.) inscribes 
Birth place of Sahaj Marg "
This is historical documentary proof that Sahaj Marg was established by 
Rev. Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur, who later came to be known as ‘Babuji’. 
It is Rev. Babuji Maharaj who was made Special Personality by the Nature and not Rev. Lalaji Saheb . 
Further proof of the calibre of Rev. Babuji can be seen from the fact that, 
as per the Nature,  
for seven (7) generations every male member of His family shall be born with power to transmit divine grace to anyone. 
This power is not there even with the son of Rev. Lalaji Saheb. 

Dinesh Ji, grandson of Rev. Lalaji got popularity because Parthasarthi gave him money for the literature of Rev. Lalaji sold by him to Chari and  
Chari announcing him as‘Prefect’ in the Sahaj Marg system . 

If still someone is left with any doubt, let him/her substantiate the doubt with cohesive and convincing facts. 

S C Kishore 
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