System of ‘Introducing’ and ‘Propagating’ Sahaj Marg System Shubh Chintak Kishore

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Haqeeqat Benakaab(Reality Unveiled) 
System of ‘Introducing’ and ‘Propagating’ Sahaj Marg System 

Shubh Chintak Kishore
Rev. Babuji Maharaj told dear Sharad a few days back that to Kishore 
मैंने कुछ दीया ही हैै ,कुछ कहा नहीं ।
 (I have only imparted and not said anything), 
I think that this was His hint in connection with the style of ‘Introducing’ and‘Propagating’ His Sahaj Marg system in future. 
I still vividly remember that before introducing the Sahaj Marg system ofmeditation to me in the year 1965, 
Rev. Babuji very briefly in just few secondsexplained the concept. 
That was the only talk by Him to me in the matter ofpracticing Sahaj Marg system. 
Thereafter, the rest of His life like while makingme ‘Prefect’ , making His power work in me, imparting the condition of ajapa,opening the point whereby I could read the past life of anyone, etc., he neverspoke a word but only imparted those conditions. 
That is the way a capableMaster acts – never shows nor talks – whether long nor short – only acts to bestowconditions. 
This is the style in which Rev. Babuji always acted. 
This is also a direction to all those propagating Sahaj Marg – now and in future- tonote and act accordingly. 
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Regular practice of Sahaj Marg System for 30 days will help us to decide why regular practice is important.

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