Representative of ‘Rev. Babuji’ and ‘Sahaj Marg System’ by S C Kishore

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Representative of ‘Rev. Babuji’ 
‘Sahaj Marg System’ 
S C Kishore 
During my visits to Shahjahanpur from May to August in the year 1982, 
I had heard about the announcement made at Surat (Gujarat) concerning Rev.Babuji’s making His representative for His founded system. 
I was informed that J R K Raizada, Secretary to the President, had made announcement during the birth-day celebrations of Rev. Babuji Maharaj at Surat from 29thApril to 1st May 1982. 
He is reported to have said that Rev. Babuji was preparing a young man of 19 years to represent Him and His system. 
But the name of that young man was not mentioned. 
One day in the morning in the month of July 1982 when I had gone to Shahjahanpur in connection with the Mission work, Rev. Babuji asked me to tell Prakash, His eldest son, who had just come to Him after leaving his chamber for preparing himself for going to the court (as he was the Govt.Pleader at Shahjahanpur) 
that ‘Sharad is his son but training will be mine’. 
I repeated those words to Prakash Bhai Saheb, whose immediate reactionwas that there could be nothing better than this. 
Dear Sharad was alsopresent there at that time. 
Dear Sharad was of 19 years age then. 
I have written the above saidconversation with Rev. Babuji Maharaj on more than one occasion earlieralso.It just struck to me to-day that the abovesaid statement of Rev. BabujiMaharaj filled the gap about the name of that 19 years youngman whom Hewas preparing. 
Incidentally, I was the only abhyasi (non-family member)before whom Rev. Babuji made the said statement. 
So it is my incumbentduty to bring forth the same for general awareness. 
Incidentally, the said mode of making spiritual representative is also in linewith the provision existing in this regard in the Constitution & Bye-laws ofthe Mission. 
Delhi - 110007  Dated 23rd February 2017 
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