How the transmission is transmitted? Sharad Chandra

Posted On Tuesday, February 14, 2017 | 12:07:33 PM

Haqeeqat Benakaab (Reality Unveiled) 
How the Spiritual Transmission is transmitted ?
In the conversation with Rev. Babuji Maharaj during His life time, 
I hadenquired how power was transmitted to deserving seekers?. 
His immediate reply was “by connecting self with the able master, automaticallytransmission starts” 
To the question who was the able master ?, 
His reply was “Who never claims selfas master but presents as one of His humble servant”.
I further enquired from Him as to why did He stop appointing preceptorsand also not authorized any one to appoint? 
His instant reply was, “because spiritual transmission cannot be transmittedfrom other than me, as it flows only from the source”. 
I have observed that the living beings in practice, are not aware about howthis transmission is transmitted. 
The unfortunate part is that such personsbelieve and also follow what has been wrongly explained to them byunauthorized persons. 
Sharad Chandra (Eldest Grandson of Rev. Babuji)                                                    10th Feb 2017

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