Creating Restlessness By Rev.Babuji

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Creating Restlessness By Rev. Babuji

25th January,2017


"The only thing required for the sure success shall therefore be intense restlessness for the attaining of goal which shall bring the real Master to your doors."          Rev. Babu ji


Rev. Babu ji has said that "one thing which especially laid stress upon is  that Abhyasi must cultivate an intense craving amounting to restlessness , eagerness or pinching impatience  for the realization of the goal."

It is this feeling of pain or restlessness , as one might call it , which one has to develop in order to ensure easy success.

But I fear lest one might come up saying that he has stepped into the field of spirituality not for pain or having unrest but for achieving peace and tranquility , and he may be right from his point of view.

But from my point of view, I would like to say that former is for those who would have their eyes fixed upon Divine , but the latter is meant for those who want to partake of the delight of intoxication, so to say.  The latter, is however, not so very difficult to achieve while the attainment of the former is not of course a child's play.Many a man must have had a taste of the condition of peace.

Let us now taste the former for a spark of which one might be ready to forgo a thousand states of peace and calmness.

This is in fact the foundation of the entire structure which brings further rare personalities into the world.

The actual state of the real peace is beyond comprehension.

It admits of no contradiction.

It is literally neither peace nor restlessness, neither union nor separation,neither bless nor its opposite.

It is after all that for which we had developed pain. 

May you all have a taste of pain . It is not, however, difficult to cultivate.

A firm Will and an undivided attention toward it are all that are required for the purpose.

(VR-SS)30-32 ; Unveiling of Truth  By The Special Personality .Volume-I, Part-D Chapter-I,Page.245-246.

Courtesy:Society for Babuji's Mission.


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