Shubh- Message by Shri Ram Chandra ( Rev. Babuji Maharaj ) published in

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 " SAHAJ- MARGA", Year -1,Number-1. of October,1956.
Shubh- Message by Shri Ram Chandra ( Rev. Babuji Maharaj )
               In general among people this thought is prevalent that only act or 
practice which is explained to us , the same in itself for access to attainment
 of full realization is the right approach. 
Apart from this, their thought do not have any out-reach . 
If we in our foundation , on which we have to develop the castle of spirituality , 
Raja-yoga as prescribed , and which in fact is, 
then it is possible that the people's thought do not reach the bottom layer 
and  to follow  only rules remained in their vision/sight. 
This is must that along with me transmission keeps on getting the air. 
But, yet one thing which remains out in balance, that is the love and devotion. 
Activity (or meditation) 
accompanied  with this thing (love & devotion) to be carried on is must. 
Revered Krishna Ji Maharaj , in Raja-Yoga , had also included it( love &devotion ) , 
which may happen quickly, and the meditationer is able to reach his goal quickly . 
But  to generate these attributes in you is your  duty. 
Method has to be essentially that God's constant remembrance  is attempted. 
In this people might object to that the human -brain each time in one direction only cannot remain 
engaged , because the brain will get so tired that it will be hardly possible 
for day and half  to keep it stable. 
I , on observing in general among people this very  complaint , am writing some important notes.
           What ever work you do, that may be considered as the Divines' imperative,
hence is my duty, then the state of remembrance shall necessarily be maintained
and its one benefit shall be this that impression formation will be completely stopped. 
Always remembering generates attachment in God and Brother because
in our thoughts heat exists, thus a growth in condition (or love tends to grow)
begins to generate, and slowly- slowly it leads to devotion in full form. Let 
people make it a habit and see, then look whether love grows or not. This thing
is of utmost necessity. 
Second,  the matter of humanity, which is almost essential, that this we do not do 
any such act to let people raise finger. Our daily living principles and behaviour
with all must be very humble and straight-simple. 
This will as well provide your mind a satisfaction 
peaceful condition will begin to blossom in the core of your heart. 
One brother had asked me that when people do not learn to love, 
then the practicing method be subjected to have such a modification , which may prove it. 
On thinking - thinking and God helped me , and this as well I have understood . 
Whence, the practice which you are doing, in that a small
modification has been done. Myself have explained to people two or one practices.
In that this may be developed that  who I am meditating upon, 
He ( or God ) is attracting( pulling) me towards Him . 
In other words, those people who meditate upon the Divine Light in heart
( which I have told them ),
they while meditating should pay attention to this that the Divine
light which is present in the heart , that is attracting( pulling) me towards it.

Then you people watch that devotion and love how do not grow. 

Yes, this much is must, and I must tell that attachment developing should also be your endeaver ,
so if you people do not do it, then servant (being in service) is duty bound, which
 for you is must, you do not fulfill and as per the saintliness (holiness) or 
humanity that the duty has to be followed in full. 
That human, is not a human, 
whose sight does not turn towards ownself and real research lies in it that our
sight is always towards us, and this thing we have inherited from our origin.   
If this very thing is followed by the Abhyasi( or the sight is kept inwards)then
your situation will be there , from where this has been inherited by us, in other
words ,we have embarked upon Main Store (Real Store). Thereafter we only have 
to develop the expanded form which remains in balance.
Now how to grow the enlarged form ? 
For this this very practice (abhyas) which I explained, is one part of that in other words along with Divine-imagination try to be focused inwards. 
So simple things I tell, which to be practiced by human
(households including all) is very easy, if they are zealous of God-Realization.
May God in people induce true zeal and May God let it happen, then for work to 
accomplish takes no time. 
People are in search of peace then why who will be ready for uneasiness. 
I assure you that the amount of pleasure available in this uneasiness
(or God remembrence), that is not found in peace . 
What  people call peace, in reality as I understand is that wonderful ( formidable) thing, 
which in shallow depth practice must find essentially a little bit. 
And which gives proof of it that it has to have its some main point (center). 
Uneasiness on growing or when this 
uneasiness reaches beyond expectation (its limits) and crosses limits, 
then Peace (Reality)starts to set in. 
Beyond that now  writing is futile.  
Writing is meant only
for that the people  become to remain impatient for HIS ( Divinity) realisation 
and this will provide as well me the peace. If you people understand your duty  
that what ever I am doing as service to people, in their return I get peace then
this can be the method that you people as well remain impatient." 
Shubh- Message  
by Shri Ram Chandra ( Rev. Babuji Maharaj ) published in
" SAHAJ- MARGA", Year -1,Number-1. of October,1956.
    Courtesy: Society for Babuji's Mission, Delhi, India. 
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