Silver Jubilee Number,Sahaj Marg,1982 ALL IN A PRAYER (प्रार्थना )....By Shri C.S.C.

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Silver Jubilee Number,Sahaj Marg,1982
ALL IN A PRAYER (प्रार्थना )....By  Shri C.S.C.

Amost all religious systems, societies, etc., advocate the approach to God through prayer(प्रार्थना ).
Only after the prayerप्रार्थना, the regular puja , or mantra, tantra etc., are started. Prayerप्रार्थना in way
indicates that the devotee is making his presence known to God. The devotee extols the 
virtues of God through the prayerप्रार्थना and in a way it is flattery, as if God is swayed by the 
amount of flattery a devotee can connote and is sort of give and take agreement : 
"Give the praise and take the benefit He is expected to give !"
This is all what ordinary prayersप्रार्थना contain.
But in the prayerप्रार्थना of our Mission  we connect ourselves to God to start with, and this also is
a sort of give and take :- " We give our heart and take His bliss." 
O, Master ! हे नाथ !  :- This is a direct personal address to God Himself; taking Him as if He is 
our friend  and always attentive to us in need. To have this friend in need we should become 
deserving of it. We should become deserving of  addressing Him as O, Master !हे नाथ ! 
Who is the Master नाथ ? 
He is the 
Manifestation of Nature, 
who has attained that 
final state of negation
and capable of transmitting that 
Primordial Energy into the Abhyasi
and bring him to a 
state of Realisation  of 
the Ultimate. 
In the light of the above, let us question ourselves: 
Are we really entitled to address Him as O Master !  हे नाथ ! except in extreme humility, 
keeping in view the vast infinite distance between Him and us?
The next statement is:
"Thou art the real Goal of Human life." "तू ही मनुष्य जीवन का ध्येय है ।"
Lives are many and manifestation of lives are manifold in creation, in different forms. 
God is the Goal of life. But only man can visualize it . Only a human being can fix his Goal, 
all other forms of life have to undergo the cycle of evolution to attain this human form.
Having attained this state of evolution which is unique, to waste it in pursuit of other 
objectives is a crime. To fix the goal short of Him is also a crime.  Man has many ambitions 
and for fullfilment of one , he fixes it as his objective of attainment and works towards its 
realisation . As soon as one is realised , another crops up ad infinitum . These goals are 
nothing but propitiating the insatiable ego, We thus go on adding more and more burning 
sticks to the already smouldering ego. 
Is there any limit for these goals?
For each wish there is a goal.
For each goal there is a try. 
For each try there is a pit. 
For each pit there is a fall.
A rich man would not be satisfied with his possession. Even if he possesses the entire wealth
in the world, still there is a shortage for him , not counting for the miseries it brings forth in 
its wake ,like H G Wells' character in " the Sleeper Awakes." 
A man wanting knowledge and working towards its attainment is still short of the ultimate 
knowledge.  Similarly, many others can be cited . 
So any other goal except God is short of its standards, whereas the attainment of the Infinite
 i.e.,the God, is final after when there is nothing left to aspire for. 
Hence in our prayer(प्रार्थना ) 
" thou art the Real Goal ""तू ही मनुष्य जीवन का ध्येय है ।" 
is taken to mean that all other goals are transient in nature and only attainment of His state
 is permanent with nothing beyond. 
Thus, the above two lines of prayer indicate that we should have to approach a Master of 
calibre with humility and develop in us a desire for the Ultimate only and nothing short of it. 
For this , a human life is endowed with unique quality of thought- power and any other 
aspiration the thought is put to, is waste of one life.
" We are yet but slaves of wishes, putting bar to our advancement "
   "हमारी इच्छायें हमारी उन्नति में बाधक हैं।" : -
This part of the prayer indicates our state of helplessness to extricate ourselves from the 
whirlpool of wishes which only gratify the insatiable ego. We are slaves of  our own self .
It points to us the impediments in our progress for the attainment of the Ultimate. It also 
points to us the remedy of attaining detachment from that which is binding . We are in 
effect voicing our short comings in the path of progress and make us aware of the necessity
of a Supreme Master to divert our attention in the proper direction. 
The limitation of our efforts is obvious.
Therefore , " Thou art the only God and Power, to bring us up  to  that stage "
"तू ही हमारा एक मात्र स्वामी और इष्ट है बिना तेरी सहायता तेरी प्राप्ति असम्भव है।।" 
is a state of expressing our incapacity of self-effort and the need for a Guide .
Who is the Guide ? 
God Himself. 
But we do not know who or what  God is. 
Hence , the Guru who has attained the final state is the only guide to give us That.
This part of the prayer brings us to a state of surrender to Him, who is the only God and 
the Master who has attained that state and has the power of transmission of the 
primordial energy into the abhyasi, to pull him up to That stage. 
And what is that stage ? 
A stage of stateless state as Master puts it when all experiences end and we become an 
experience ourselves. 
The only method of achieving the Ultimate, the Infinite, is to surrender our heart to Master.
Why ? 
Because, heart in the present state, is incapable of accomodating the Infinite, and Master, 
when it is surrendered to Him, expands it to withstand that Infinite and gives it the 
capacity to withstand the onrush of that Energy."

Keeping that stage is always in view , is by itself a condition of constant remembrance .

Hence the prayer of our Mission is unique in its application as it fixes our goal , 
states our helplessness to achieve it by ourselves , brings to our view the power to help
us and puts us in a state of constant remembrance to achieve the Goal of life.
    PRAYER प्रार्थना
O, Master !
Thou art the real goal of human life.                    हे नाथ ! तू ही मनुष्य जीवन का ध्येय है ।        
We are yet but slaves of wishes, हमारी इच्छायें हमारी उन्नति में बाधक हैं।
Putting bar to our advancement . तू ही हमारा एक मात्र स्वामी और इष्ट है ।
Thou art the only God and Power, बिना तेरी सहायता तेरी प्राप्ति असम्भव है।।
To bring us up  to  that stage .
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