Freedom and full freedom “Most of the time freedom is misused,  so it always has limit” .............Sharad Chandra

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Haqeeqat Benakaab (Reality Unveiled)
Freedom and full freedom “Most of the time freedom is misused,  so it always has limit”
Freedom is commonly liked by living beings. But we never give importance to the
full-freedom.  The  difference between the two is that freedom is always with
bindings and full freedom is beyond  bondages.  When God created livings
beings, He provided freedom but did not provide full-freedom, unless people 
practiced as per His suggested way of living.   This requires  sacrifice,   which  is
For this reason,  very few in number wish to practice it i.e. full freedom,  on
account of   sacrifice involved in it.   Most of the time I observed that the 
drawback of  the  apparent  disadvantage of sacrifice in full- freedom pushes us to
loose originally provided by the  God.  The reason to it, we forget to  register in 
our  mind,  that  His given freedom is with condition.    
Since my  actions are under His direction,  so it is not easy to highlight mistake. I,
therefore,  suggest to all His followers to act under His directions.  Transformation
in one’s approach will witness His blessings.
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Regular practice of Sahaj Marg System of Meditation for 30 days will help us to decide why regular practice is important.

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