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Shubh Chintak Kishore 
Representatives have been having their own place from times immemorial. Some of the examples of representatives are father and son, king and his heir apparent/Prince, business representatives, etc. Examples of Guru and disciple and human beings as Representative of God are also there. But two persons of the same power can not exist together. Rev. Babuji also said like that. 
In case of worldly matters, power is taken in worldly sense. Prince or heir-apparent is declared king after the king is no more or retires or abjures power. 
But in case of Guru and disciple, the representation is in terms of abstract power, which is not visible to naked eyes. 
Here disciple is made representative by transfer of power acquired by his guru. 
Like in recent times, the example of transfer of power or representation is by Swami Rama Krishna Paramhansa to Swami Vivekanand. After the transfer of power to Swami Vivekanand, Swami Ramakrishna Paramhansa said that he had become pauper. 
The underlying principle is – two persons of the same power can not exist at the same time. 
Declaration of Rev. Babuji as representative of Rev. Lalaji Saheb came 13 years after Rev. Lalaji’s mahasamadhi. 
In such cases one thing which needs careful observation is that howsoever great the persons involved may have been, but they were not originators of any system. 
For originator of any system, I find there have been no representatives
Some of the cases which come to my mind are of Lord Buddha, Lord Mahavir Swami, Lord Christ, Prophet Mohammad Saheb and Reverred Babuji Saheb and some others will also be there. 
Lord Budha introduced ‘Buddism’, 
Lord Mahavir originated ‘Jainism’, 
Lord Christ brought ‘Christianity’, 
Prophet Mohammad is the originator for ‘Islam’ 
Reverred Babuji Saheb founded ‘Sahaj-Marg’ system. 
None of us would have heard of any Representative for Jesus Christ, Buddha, 
Mahabir Swamy, Mohammad Saheb and others. 
On the same principle, Rev. Babuji Saheb will have no spiritual representative. 
Since Rev. Babuji established a spiritual institution registered under the law of the country ( India ), so some head of the institution has to be there to carry on the administration of the registered institution and to look to the propagation of the system established by Him, etc. But, such a person will only be the administrative head, of course possessing spiritual powers according to his caliber, but not as a representative of Rev. Babuji. 
Rev. Babuji had said once to me that it was good that the old saints did not establish institutions, because this involved construction/acquisition of immovable and other properties. But with the establishment of a legal institution, this is inevitable. 
So Shri Ram Chandra Mission will always be having one head, but such a head is not to be confused or taken as a spiritual Representative of Rev. Babuji
If we consider a little more objectively, in the matter of appointment of successor Presidents of the Mission, a spiritual person would be selected by Rev. Babuji from time to time and declared in His own ways. 
That person will not proclaim to be recognized as a Living Master. 
No written paper will be necessary for his proclamation as power does not travel through paper. 
In the case of Sri Parthasarthi Rajagopalachari, he never claimed that his Master had given/transferred power to him, but only insisted on the purported written paper for recognizing him as President, oblivion of the fact that power does not need any paper or document to pass through that. 
Through the paper he became President of members who are innocent and untrue, in Rev. Babuji’s words and the respect commanded by him is witness to all. 
But a person selected by Rev. Babuji in His own way, would command respect and would automatically get recognition. There will be no controversy with that person. 
Of course, aspirants to the post of Presidentship may still create problems and controversies because of their vested interests. 
But ultimately, the sun will shine and will be visible to all concerned without any binocular, beating of trumphets and publicity
Rev. Babuji’s power will back him. 
Sri Parthasarthi did not want His backing as he thought that the document was sufficient. 
I know the young man whom Rev. Babuji was training in His life time for the purpose but he was having no representation letter with him. 
An indication to the effect of selection by Rev. Babuji was given at Surat function in 1982 in presence of Rev. Babuji. 
But at the same time, Rev. Babuji, as Divine Special Personality, had to fulfill the intense desire of some person (Sri Chari) who had been longing for a long time to be the President of the Mission . 
But now his time is approaching its end. It is not far off when that young man will take control of the affairs of Shri Ram Chandra Mission’s administration and its properties. 
Do not get mislead by any further paper representation possessed by any Amen 20th October 2011


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