Haqeeqat Benakaab (Reality Unveiled) “Babuji’s Training to the Person of His choice” ......... S.C.Kishore

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Date : 19th December 2016 
Haqeeqat Benakaab 
(Reality Unveiled) 
“Babuji’s Training to the Person of His choice” 
I vividly remember that morning of July 1982 when Rev. Babuji addressing mesaid, ‘Prakash sey keh do ki beta tumhara hai, training hamaari hogi’.प्रकाश से कह दो कि बेटा तुम्हारा है,ट्रेनिंग हमारी होगी । (TellPrakash that the son is yours, training shall be mine). I repeated those words toPrakash Bhai Saheb who had just come from his chamber for getting ready forgoing to the court and in reply he said to me “es sey acchi baat kiya ho saktihai”इससे अच्छी बात क्या हो सकती है. (What could be better than this thing). 
Sharad Chandra , son of PrakashBhai Saheb and eldest grandson of Rev. Babuji, was also present at that time. 
I had been inclined towards dear Sharad from the beginning because of hisstraight forwardness. 
Once his mother asked me to enquire something, whichshe said to me, from Rev. Babuji. Rev. Babuji said that boys from His familygrow after 14 years of age. 
Post- mahasamadhi period of Rev. Babuji, barring few meetings with dear Sharadin the beginning, after a long gap. I had a sudden telephonic call from him inSeptember 2009 conveying that Rev. Babuji Maharaj wanted both of us to worktogether for His cause. The presentation by him on the telephone call was sopowerful that I had to go to Chennai from Delhi to meet him. 
There I could notescape noticing the transformation that had been brought about in him comparedto what I had seen of him during His life time and a little after that, the mainbeing boost in the level of his self-confidence, his presentations and unboundedfaith and confidence on Rev. Babuji Maharaj. 
He talked for days & nights to meabout His grace, the transformations coming into him and His utmost confidenceon him. 
(1) Each word uttered by dear Sharad went straight into my system unquestioned asif those words were coming from Rev. Babuji Saheb. 
These strengthened myconviction that dear Sharad carries Rev. Babuji’s full confidence and was tellingthe truth. 
Accordingly, we started working together for His cause. 
To give an example atVishakapatnam in just 3 days we could make about 250 new Abhyasis. 
Twice wewent together to USA for His work. 
The work was acclaimed in a newspaper inCalifornia. 
We together sent thousands of email exposing hypocrates and selfimposed masters. 
On account of fear* of Rev. Babuji plus sense of awe** forSharad with late Chari that he could not gather courage to contradict any factualthing pointed out by us. 
Of late in the last couple of months, the impact of His training started becomingmore clearer to me. 
From dear Sharad’s level of understanding, arguments &reasoning behind those arguments, quick witty answers, his presentations,compassion towards others and above all doing everything for Rev. BabujiMaharaj’s pleasure and under His directions, I could feel the special techniqueof training adopted by Rev. Babuji Maharaj. 
Others were seen meditating forlong hours and supposed to be in His thought always, but they could not claimwhat is being said by Sharad. 
Observing all this, I told dear Sharad that nowfull impact of our Rev. Master training was visible from you. 
So I am writingthis for general awareness, irrespective whether one believes it or not or to whatextent do they believe - all this is their baby. 
I am making my conscience clear byconveying. 
Dictionary meaning 
* Fear - Panic, Dread 
** Awe - Terror, Admiration-
(2) Rev. Babuji Maharaj has said “ I have given in my diaries, certain persons, likeHanumanji, had come for the training they desired from me . I trained Sharadtoo. 
The difference is that they came on their own, but Sharad I had selected, Itrained him on all matters. 
What is puzzling people no formal training forSharad. There is jealousy ”. 
I tried to locate in myself if I too harbored the feeling of jealousy for Sharad insome remote corner in my system. 
On the other hand, I find it a matter of greathappiness to work with a person specially trained by Rev. Babuji Maharaj. 
Further more, it is a matter of affection for me that He provided the uniqueopportunity to work for His cause. 
May His grace continue on both of us for thecause of human emancipation without giving ego any opportunity anytime toenter our system. 
Time has arrived for the people to get Sahaj Marg as He wantedit to be propagated ! 
My advice : Approach Him with a single person’s devotion, and see the resultsfor yourself.
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