Haqeeqat Benakaab (Reality Unveiled) Who is Unauthorized - its definition ? ........Sharad Chandra

Posted On Saturday, December 17, 2016 | 6:18:57 PM

Haqeeqat Benakaab 
(Reality Unveiled) 
Who is Unauthorized - its definition ? 
Using the banner of Sahaj Marg which is for self realization, but actually promoting heart-fullness meant for relaxation, materially healthy living, etc, is not legal. 
Because the Sahaj Marg System is registered system for attainment of spiritual object that is realization through its arm Shri Ram Chandra Mission bythe founder Rev Babuji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur UP India. 
Those who talk about secrets of Nature and God Power, but their thoughts and activities do not match with their talk; such persons will be considered as unauthorized claimants . 
Observing the actions of such persons with appeasement for material object being at their back, we decided to highlight the truth without being concerned about there actions of certain followers. 
As we are working under His direct guidance,which confirms to our understanding and belief that He only is the best. 
We do not hesitate to highlight the facts that most of the members now visiting Shri Ram Chandra Mission Ashram at Shahjahanpur, U.P.-India are accepting and following ‘Heart fullness’. 
Rev Babuji Maharaj had developed the ashram for those members practicing Sahaj Marg System only. 
Followers for other than His founded system and observing its underlying principles, are unauthorised to stay there.
Like, any unknown person is unauthorized to stay in known persons’ home. 
Sharad Chandra 
(Eldest Grandson of Rev. Babuji) 11th Dec 2016 
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Regular practice of Sahaj Marg System for 30 days will help us to decide whyregular practice is important.

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