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Whisper from the Blue - its spiritual value 
S C Kishore 
We find that the book ‘Whisper from the blue’ so elegantly brought out by lateParthasarthi, writing at the end of each page ‘Babuji’, trying to convey the ideathat it was from Babuji, hence spiritually useful. 
At least one thing is crystal clear to me that late Parthsarthi lacked fine sense of wisdom, as generally claimed &believed, as otherwise Parthasarthi would have owned those alleged statements in His name saying that Rev. Babuji said so to him. 
Like the message from the‘Base’ called Akaashvani does not say at the end that it is Akaashvani
Further like, several books written by various elevated saints who owned the statements in their book to have been made by the respected Personalities. But those saints never encashed the name of that respected Personality for enhancing their stature. 
Still further dear Sharad is regularly reproducing the messages of Rev. Babuji Maharaj to him daily mentioning that He said so to him. 
That is only factual and natural also. 
It follows that what is said in ‘Whisper from blue’ is not natural,
hence only made-up. 
Further, elevated souls do not give such long statements as alleged by lateParthasarthi in his book and that too to someone who never was His favourite inHis life time. 
Inspiration / inter-communes are always to the selected ones existing on the earth and not to any Tom Dic and Harry. 
Further, Rev. Babuji statements were crisp and precise. He would use one word in place of a sentence and convey the entire sense. 
Late Parthasarthi did not ever claim that he had any inspiration from Rev. Babuji nor did he have the privilege of having the inter-commune with Him. All this shows ......? 
Once dear Sharad showed that book to me in Chennai. I could hardly see a fewpages only of that book I got sever headache. 
I told dear Sharad with due regard,my opinion, if he could throw that book out of his house, it would be better; and at least he could save it from further pollution. 
I may be excused that as I am writing this para I am getting heaviness in my head again because through thought I am getting connected to the book. 
With all those basic facts, still late Parthasarthi had been successful in selling as hot cake that trash material ! 
To me, it only shows the extent of his cunningness compared to others on account of which he could sell that trash material in golden bound books !

 We would like to advise Sahaj Marg Members and Abhyasis that they should ignore the book ‘Whisper from the blue’ in so far as the Sahaj Marg system of spiritual elevation is concerned. 
Further, books are of no  avail in spirituality as it is entirely a practical subject. 
The best guidance will always come from within in Sahaj Marg  sadhana.

Place : Shahjahanpur (UP)Dated : 4th December 2016

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