LET US LOVE HIM ...By Shri A Krishna Murthy-Guntur....Source: Silver Jubilee Number of SAHAJ Marg Patrika, 1982.

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LET US LOVE HIM      ...By Shri A Krishna Murthy-Guntur

What is love? 
It is an affection of the mind caused by that which delights.
Love has got many faces recognised by the source from which it originates. 
It may be from mother, father, sister, brother,lover and teacher,etc. Out of all this mother's love has no parallel, for she expects nothing in return for her love from the child. Even if the child gives her up, she will not fault with it but will only pray that the child should prosper. Here the intensity of love appears in the purest form.

Master (Rev.Babuji) said-
" I generally address members of the Mission as brethren but think that may not be quite to the point. 
I should have rather used for them the word ' My Heart" or "My Soul" instead. But why I do not take enough care to use them , is not quite
understandable to me. 
If I say that it is so because they do not love me to that extent, 
it shall than be a fallacy because evidently I see them loving me deeply. What may then be the flaw therein I believe
their voices do not reach me to touch my heart. 
Now think over it yourself and draw your own conclusion. "

This requires introspection by all of us. 
Are we really loving Him than our job, family and property, etc.?

Why are we failing to love Him to the extent expected of us ? 

Here we have to pray our Master only, to know our shortcomings.

Again, a question arises 
whether a simple prayer is enough to move His heart ? 
Then how to do this ? 
Through love. 
" He is to be worshiped as the one beloved, dearer than every thing 
in this and the next life." 
This is the doctrine of love declared in the Vedas as said by Swami
Vivekananda . 

This sort of love is fully developed and taught by Krishna- the God
incarnation on Earth. 
He taught that a person must live in this world like a lotus leaf, which grows in water but never gets wet by it. 
So a person must live in the world keeping his heart to God and his hands to work.
So dear brothers and sisters, let us love Him for love's sake.

Source: Silver Jubilee Number of SAHAJ Marg Patrika, 1982.


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