Vibration, Sound And Symbol ( Source: Book-Voice Real- Compiled from the letters by Rev. Ram Chandra ji )

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Vibration, Sound And Symbol 
( Source: Book-Voice Real- Compiled from the letters by Rev. Ram Chandra ji )

"Our theory is that man was perfect when he was first born. 
Hence it is evident that these knots have been formed by men alone, 
which are a hindrance for the view to be taken to the Source. 
His activity has formed a world within himself. 
The reason is that the Workman had sent us pure and crystal clear.
 And it is the mark of the best Workman. 
The responsibility for the dirt and dust which has come over is upon us alone. 
We have ourselves formed the sanskaras (impressions), which have become 
coverings upon coverings and succeeded in covering us up like the silkworm 
in the cocoon. 
Having come out of the Ocean of Reality we were Reality alone from top to
 toe. Now because our primary condition was like that, our vision could 
straight away see That without any obstruction, and it had the knowledge 
of That, the form of which can be considered as the Vedas.
The language of Sanskrit is said to  be more natural. 
The reason is that it was the beginning , and, in order to converse and to 
understand mutually, they moved the tongue in accordance with what they felt. 
If you deeply ponder over the alphabet of Sanskrit you shall find the rise and  fall in it in the form of natural vibration. 
And in that language , they have written by feeling every vibration; and they started to call it Sanskrit (Divine). 
Revelation has come to them in no particular language. Divine revelations
 come  even now but mostly, and correctly, to those who have regained their
 original condition and have got the connection with the Original Source. 
And it always comes in the language which one knows. It strikes the mind 
and he becomes  aware (feels) through the words which he has learnt. 
Swami Vivekanand ji  has written that the Revelation occur mostly in poetry. 
It does not happen so. At least in the case of a real seeker who should not lose 
the Reality by getting entangled in the surroundings. 
Surroundings point to the  Thing which is connected with it, just like the
smoke points out the fire of which it is the smoke."
                                                                       Rev. Ram Chandra 

EXCERPTS.... source:  Book : Voice Real, Second Edition-1997, PAGE-266-267;
Publishers; Publication Department, Shri Ram Chandra Mission, 
Courtesy: Society for Babuji's Mission, Delhi.

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