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Posted On Tuesday, November 29, 2016 | 5:44:27 PM

Haqeeqat Benakaab
(Reality Unveiled) 
Love : it is always with expectations (demand). 
True love : it develops when expectation and feelings of love reach their end, because then it convert into belief (ever existing) . 
Love starts with ‘liking’, then converts into ‘love’, finally turns into ‘true love’. 
Possibilities of misunderstanding stop when it turns to true love, because all the expectations reach their end, 
For example Mother and child, God- power and devotee, these are the only perfect examples of true love, rest all other relations are based on expectations. 
Beauty of this relation is that it is always with one and only. 
God had installed love in every living being at the time of creation, the object behind being to have born quality of feel of love; the rest develops with wisdom as required . 
My experience forces me to the belief that love never develops by chance, its development only indicates that it was already planted. 
Try to develop love for Him, see for yourself that it shall give you dividend. 
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