Haqeeqat Benakaab (Reality Unveiled) Qualification to practice Sahaj Marg System - WILLINGNESS ............Sharad Chandra

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Haqeeqat Benakaab(Reality Unveiled) 
Qualification to practice Sahaj Marg System - WILLINGNESS 
Rev. Babuji Maharaj told “qualification to practice Sahaj Marg is, onlywillingness”. 
On my seeking clarification whether will it help to attain the final object of life,His immediate reply was“ it will help to register your name as willing to attain final spiritual object, but for attaining, regular practice is must. Registration approves only validity to practice.”Rev. Babuji Maharaj told many times and written also, “ Spirituality is always‘One to one’. 
Means God Power and devotee, involving any living human being in-between will attract grossness which will travel and stay along with transmission. No living human being is perfect; avoid attaching with livings, to attain perfection”My experiences and belief “sharing views may not provide happiness but I am sure it must be providing possibilities to think for self-benefit, which may enable us to decide to practice His founded system.”I can suggest, please try Sahaj Marg System by its sincere regular practice meditation,cleaning & prayer - for at least one month and at the end carefully analyse its impact on your thinking and lifestyle. I can say with my experience that you would not be able to leave it.With prayer to Rev. Babuji Maharaj to reward those experience whosoever sincerely try for a month . 
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