My Life- How much Precious for me..........Sharad Chandra

Posted On Monday, November 28, 2016 | 4:36:07 PM

Haqeeqat Benakaab (Reality Unveiled)
My  Life    -    How  much   Precious  for  me

“I love my life because it gave me Rev. Babuji Maharaj  and I love Him because
He gave me life   and explained  to   me   about my object of birth. ”
  How lucky I  find myself  to be,  even  when  large  number of  people are   not
happy with me .   I am not accepting and also  not  following what they do,   as  I 
am busy in fulfilling  His explained object of my life .   I am sure if  my  critics 
understand my valid reasons, their  hate race   may convert into  better 
understanding and belief   in  the  truth for themselves .    I  may further  add  the 
reason is self explanatory.  Simple  persons  always prefer to live satisfied living
life. My belief is most of the sincere human beings are trying for this living.  I pray
for their success .
My  humble suggestion to all those  working for satisfied  happy  life  is  to  attach
their  self  to  the source,   which  can never be in living form,  but it ever exists. 

Thanks                                                                            26th  Nov 2016
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