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Haqeeqat Benakaab(Reality Unveiled)
 Kamlesh Desaibhai Patel to clarify ?
 I, the eldest grandson of Rev Babuji Maharaj, wish to use my right 
to get clarification fromKamlesh Desaibhai Patel about using His name on whisper. 
When He is not physicallypresent, then how could He deliver messages in writing directly to anyone ? 
Yes He canconvey, but only through His selected ones who understand His technique . 
I know much more about Him because I lived with Him for many years when He wasphysically alive and still I am living and enjoying His Omni present Power and know verywell how He conveys . 
To me He is eternal living authority of His founded System. 
To-day when Rev Babuji Maharaj is not physically present, then how could He whisper andto whom did He whisper all that which is printed in His name. 
As per the law of the land,using the name of a person not physically alive on a public document could have the effectof guiding or misguiding living human beings. 
Apart from such action being considered asa criminal act, this could never be accepted as a legal document.Further, the language used in the whisper nowhere sounds His language, style or His way ofgiving message. 
For example ‘beloved son Kamlesh’ is not the way of His addressing Hisown persons ? 
His name has been used with some ulterior objective still further, at the end ofthe alleged message, the word used is “Babuji Maharaj”, which he would never write. 
As per the belief of certain followers of Sahaj Marg System, 
their living master late Charialong with Him is also in the brighter world . 
If it were so, then why messages are comingonly from Him and why not from late Chari, not even one from him ? “How can anybodysay that late Chari is in brighter world, ”especially when Rev. Babuji Maharaj hadconveyed late Chari’s present “yoni” (category of living beings) ?  
I charge Kamlesh Desaibhai Patel, of misleading innocent persons. 
So let him come cleanand explain clearly how this paper called whisper was made out ? 
A copy of the whisperreceived by me is being enclosed herewith for knowledge of members of the Mission .Thanks 
24th November 2016 
Sharad Chandra (Eldest Grandson of Rev. Babuji) 
csharad63@yahoo.comwww.babuji.org.inCalling no: 91-0-9941497128Whats App: 7860117764Face book: society for Babuji’s mission

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