“One lion is better than thousand sheeps” – Explained by Him ...................Sharad Chandra

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Haqeeqat Benakaab(Reality Unveiled)
 “One lion is better than thousand sheeps”
 – Explained by Him 
Dated 25th Nov 2016 at 3-40 AM (IST) 
I requested Rev. Babuji Maharaj to please tell me the meaning of His above saidsaying, because as per my understanding it is not conveying any spiritualmeaning? 
His immediate reply, “Regular practice of Sahaj Marg System generatesboldness like a lion to understand the truth and at the same time providescourage to express before other living human beings.” 
Further requested Him to clarify because many are claiming that they are alsoproviding similar services ? 
His reply, “Those do not have their self experience will use references like said byso and so, etc. It proves that they are the speaker, but not His selectedone. Selected one will always boldly express truth without referring names. Theirintention is not to prove self-supremacy but to prove supremacy of the System(truth). My writings are proving HIS selection .Lions always hunt food to eat for the self. And sheeps are eating mercy foodprovided by others”. 
We are observing from followers of Sahaj Marg that they become happy to knowabout the condition of others and attach themselves with them, but they never trytheir best to improve their own self condition to be closer to Him. That is whywhat they say is not found in their actions. 
Whilst Rev. Babuji Maharaj’s speciality was “What He said He did, and what He did He said” 
Thanks               25th November 2016 
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