051116-Unlawful Activities of Kamlesh Patel (Haqeeqat Benakaab) ......................................Sharad Chandra

Posted On Sunday, November 6, 2016 | 1:53:46 PM

Haqeeqat Benakaab (Reality Unveiled)
Unlawful activities of Kamlesh Desaibhai Patel

The approaching pattern of Kamlesh Desaibhai Patel  to the affairs of the Mission certifies
that he has stopped practicing Sahaj Marg System. 
This has  forced him to register and promote Heartfulness.

This would sound  two things -
one he could not get his expected  result may be Self-Satisfaction,   and
the second   misguiding innocent living human beings.  
Regular practice of Sahaj Marg System not only helps in spiritual growth but also  attracts stress free living.  
But he is teaching physical exercise only  to keep body relaxed, 
which  is in no way concerned with Sahaj Marg System.    
It would be realised that the focus of  His attention is to attract finance through conducting training programmes, inviting delegates, issuing ID cards, etc.  Mind of a business man always approaches things to   increase capital growth . His actions including making of T- shirts are witness.  
Kamlesh Patel should be restricted from interfering and using Sahaj Marg System for his Heartfulness activities. 
It is not only improper but illegal as well to use the facilities / goodwill of the Sahaj Marg /Shri Ram Chandra Mission   for purposes other than those prescribed by the objects, rules and regulations of the  Society.   
We, Sharad Chandra,  His eldest Grandson and S C Kishore sincere follower of the  System and Rev.  Babuji Maharaj , feel  very bad and humiliated in finding the misuse of His  founded system of the Sahaj Marg.  
We are totally against  Kamlesh Desaibhai using platform of Sahaj Marg system /Shri Ram Chandra Mission  for promoting  heartfulness  for his personal  fame and money earning.   
Sharad Chandra (Eldest Grandson)
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