SOCIETY FOR BABUJIís MISSION , Delhi. (Regd. u/s Societies Act 1961 ) at A-6/2,II-floor, Rana Pratap Bagh, Delhi-110007. Sharad Chandra (President), S.C Kishore ( Life Member) I N T R O D U C T I O N

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The system of Sahaj Marg was started by Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj, resident of Shahjahanpur (UP).  


The Nature had brought Him for some special purpose. 


Special Personalities do not come without purpose 


So the Nature by giving power unto Him, gave Him birth in a landlord Kayastha family.   


He discovered that system of very ancient times where guru used to take away the problems of his disciple with his power.   


This system had gone in oblivion from India.   


He discovered that system, remodelled it and made it suitable and easy for the present day times, so that while still living in family life, the modern person could take full benefit there from. 


The Nature gave the system name of ‘Sahaj Marg’ . 


For attaining the condition for which people left their homes &  families and wandered in jungles and mountains and then only could they get glimpse of the same. The ego, however, did not even then bid them farewell.  


To get the highest goal of life during this very life time has been made possible by the Sahaj Marg System.  


For this unparalleled service, the Nature bestowed upon Babuji the title of SPECIAL PERSONALITY.   


Bhagwan Krishan, while He was on this earth,  knew that such a Personality shall come.     

Ram Chandra Ji did not like to be called  Guru.   

People started addressing Him as ‘Babuji’.   

On 21st July 1945, Babuji Maharaj got an institution registered under the Societies Registration Act at Shahjahanpur,U.P.  named "Shri Ram Chandra Mission", the  only function of the said society was propagation of "Sahaj Marg" system of meditation.     

After Rev. Babuji Maharaj’s mahasamadhi on 19th April 1983, Shri Ram Chandra Mission went into wrong hands.   

The names of Sahaj Marg,  Babuji,   Shri Ram Chandra Mission  started to be used for purposes which Rev. Babuji did not appreciate.   

Viewing through the circumstances & situations, Rev. Babuji’s eldest grandson Sri Sharad Chandra, S.C.Kishore and others got another society registered at Delhi by the name of “Society for Babuji’s Mission”on 13thSeptember,2011  for propagation of "Sahaj Marg" System.   

It is this  Society that  has brought up this programme before you through the media of Jeevan Deep Yoga Centre at Pocket-C-2,Vasant Kunj, Delhi. 


The Sahaj Marg System enjoys the sanction of the Nature and accordingly for all times true aspirants for  spirituality shall continue to derive benefit from it.   

The practice of Sahaj Marg    

                                               shall bring about  

                                                                             natural living 


 in  a natural way,  

                              and freedom   from                          

                                                               life     cycle     of      re-births.    


Just try this system by making this as part of life through your own experience.  

Like      other     bounties       of      Nature,       this      jewel      is     also     free   


If the practice of Sahaj Marg does not develop brotherhood, then take it that the practise is not being done as prescribed by Rev. Babuji. 



As we have entered the 6th year of our operations of pursuing the mission of the Special personality Rev. Babuji Maharaj  of Shahjahanpur,U.P., the "Sahaj Marg" sadhana,  and invite aspirants to to make it a way of their life as He wished His system to be  the way of life Universally. 


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