YOGA - Its meaning & Rev. Babujiís Contribution .....................................Sharad Chandra S C Kishore

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Haqeeqat Benakaab (Reality Unveiled)
YOGA -  Its meaning   &   Rev. Babuji’s   Contribution   Sharad Chandra S C Kishore
  Yoga   as generally widely understood to-day means  a tool  for physical well being, which includes undertaking physical exercises, aasans, praanaayaam, etc.. But the Yog has 8 (eight) stages – ashtaang Yog ( अष्टागं योग ) – which taken altogether constitutes Yog .  These 8  (eight)  stages are  : 
1. Yam        ( यम )        [ or can say it as    social ethics which has 10 (ten) components,
                       ahimsa ( अहिंसा- non-violence) being  one of them ] 
   2. Niyam     ( नयम)       [or can say it as  personal ethics which also comprises of  10 (ten)
                                      components, food or food habits being one of them.  ]             
3. Aasan      ( आसन)         [Yogic exercises and variety of various body postures,
                               some of them are Good  for different diseases ;
                              such as A typical posture commonly seen with
                                              head upside down resting on both hands palms combined 
                     with fingers inter-woven and feet straight erect  upwards] ]                                                                                       
4. Praanaayaam                   ( प्रााणायाम )  
5. Pratyahaar ( प्रत्याहार ) [ Detachment ] 
6. Dhaarna ( धारणा )                 [ Focus  ] 
7. Dhyaan ( यान )             [ Meditation   ] 
8. Samaadhi ( समाध) [ No English  synonym available ]
  The above stages show that higherYOGA starts from 5th stage i.e. Pratyaahar.  But to reach the 7th(seventh) stage of dhyaan (meditation), the earlier 6 stages have to be crossed in YOGA  
In the modern times, the undergoing of earlier six stages is not only physically impracticable but even its ideology is beyond common man’s  mental comprehension.
  Rev. Babuji Maharaj  fully realised this  -  the capabilities of the modern person in this regard.  He, therefore, not only done away with the carrying out of the earlier six stages to Dhyaan  i.e.  meditation, but He also remodelled  the ancient science of YOGA  to see that the effect of carrying out the  earlier  six stages are automatically imbibed by the modern person while performing meditation under His Sahaj Marg system. 

That is why Rev. Babuji Maharaj  is Master of Sahaj Marg System. 

Can Kamlesh or anybody  do such a thing ?

  Kamlesh naturally enjoys being addressed as master, without caring to be even worthy of being His disciple. 

  Even late Chari, who claimed to be living master,
did not  have any inkling of what all Rev. Babuji Maharaj had done in the realm of spirituality – in  making it so simple ?
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Date :  08.08.2016

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