Haqeeqat Benakaab (Reality Unveiled) Kamlesh, Spiritual Head, has given no proof of his spirituality, on the contrary......... Sharad Chandra S C Kishore

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Haqeeqat Benakaab (Reality Unveiled)
Kamlesh, Spiritual Head, has given no proof of his spirituality, on the contrary......... 
Sharad Chandra S C Kishore
Kamlesh Patel, unilaterally functioning  himself as President of Shri Ram Chandra Mission,
Shahjahanpur (UP), not being the President as per the Mission’s Constitution, is only
lecturing people far and wide about ‘Heartfulness’ under the banner of  ‘Sahaj Marg’.  
People call him master, but he tells that he is the spiritual head,  a stage much beyond
living master.  
He preaches on human problems and about solving them .  Apart from preaching,  he gives
no practical redressal as against Rev. Babuji Maharaj who only delivered  practical results to
spiritual problems  and never gave any sermon.  That is why He was Master.  But, Kamlesh
as spiritual head and master,  is only talking without solving spiritual problems. 
It is not in anybody’s knowledge if Kamlesh is even an authorised  Prefect appointed by
Rev. Babuji Maharaj. 
His name does nto appear in the list of prefects appointed by Him. 
Late Chari could not have appointed him as he had no power  to appoint even prefect in the
real sense,  except giving  namesake prefect titles,  which anybody can  do !
Even agreeing for argument sake that Kamlesh possesses the power of transmission  of
Divine energy,  this means Kamlesh has access to that Power because then only can he
transmit the power.  But there is no proof that Kamlesh has  even access to Divinity, leaving
aside transmitting the power !  
Like in case of Rev. Babuji Maharaj, various Elders, Higher personalities, Incarnation Lord
Krishan, and others  came to meet Him and praised Him of having unmatched power than
anyone in the past.  This is on record.
Guess the quality of inside Kamlesh.  He says with pride that he is transmitting the power
through Television far and wide.
That poor soul is not even aware that power cannot
pass through the glass !
Then how could he transmit  power through TV ?  
Such is the master of Heartfulness. 
One must, however, appreciate that Kamlesh has succeeded in acquiring the art of mesmerising people . 
That will take him along some distance and in that mean time he would have acquired some fortune in the name of
Heartulness, like late Chari did under the banners of Babuji Memorial, Lalaji Memorial,
Sahaj Marg Foundation, etc., on which  Shri Ram Chandra Mission has no right. 
And the properties under Heartfulness likewise would be under his control and not under the
control of the Mission.   
But remember there is Nature above us which cannot tolerate misuse of the pious name of 
Sahaj Marg.
Imagine  the fate of late Chari !  

Sharad  Chandra ( Eldest Grandson), 
Shahjahanpur (U.P.)
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Date :  09.08.2016

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