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Dated : 01st June 2016

Any person who introduces any system is always a chosen person of the Nature in the conditions and circumstances then prevailing. He , therefore, alone is the master of the system which He had then founded and introduced;

 Like as Christ did in the matter of Christianity. The followers/successors in Christianity like Pope are not master in Christianity and are not addressed as master. 

Likewise, Mohammad Saheb was Prophet and his followers propagating his founded system of Islam are not designated as Prophet . Those propagating Islam are called Imam and some such names but none is called master in Islam

Likewise for Sahaj Marg system, Rev. Babuji is the master who founded that system . He alone shall remain as Master of Sahaj Marg. He was also the founder President of the Society of Shri Ram Chandra Mission created by Him for propagating Sahaj Marg. No body else can be called as master in Sahaj Marg.

It is not understood how can any subsequent follower equate himself with Rev. Babuji and designate himself as master and also relish on being addressed as Master ?

As is well known, Rev. Lalaji Saheb attained Samadhi in the year 1931. It is Rev. Babuji who searched and found the ancient system of meditation through transmission, researched and remodelled that ancient technique and founded the Sahaj Marg System and registered the Society for Shri Ram Chandra Mission and Sahaj Marg in July 1945. That is why at the Ashram Head Quarter meditation hall there is an inscription

“Shahjahanpur- Birthplace of Sahaj Marg”.

Rev. Lalaji Saheb, therefore, had nothing to do with the founding of Sahaj Marg system . The people should have noticed these facts . And those people who had physically seen Rev. Babuji Maharaj, should have noticed the above fact while He was living. They would have noticed that while dealing with Sahaj Marg, Rev. Babuji never talked of Rev. Lalaji Saheb’s name. But His utmost respect for Rev. Lalaji Saheb, like naming the society of Sahaj Marg in his name ‘Shri Ram Chandra Mission’, titling him as Samarth Guru (not His Guru in founding the system), etc., these things should not be confused with matter relating to Sahaj Marg System and its Founder.

Rev. Babuji had always maintained that He was the servant of humanity and did not like to be called Guru and for this reason He had agreed to be addressed as Babuji . Why should persons like Parthasarthi and Kamlesh Patel be addressed as Master ? Did/do they possess the quality of Master ? This is not only discourtesy but punishable insolence in Nature as well.


Sharad Chandra (Eldest Grandson)

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