Rev. Babuji:

Posted On Friday, June 17, 2016 | 9:18:08 PM

17th June 2016 
 Rev. Babuji:
"Even Actual Translation No match to His original writings "

During conversation with Rev. Babuji Maharaj to-day at 9.10 A.M. (IST), 
I requested for Hisclarification if reading of His writings in His name do help in correct understanding aboutthe Nature and Spiritual Secrets
His immediate reply“ Certainly not, because the people are reading my translated version which can not be accurate.That is why I suggest for regular practice of Sahaj Marg system to realize the Reality”.
 “Except my book ‘Reality at Dawn’ (in English), rest all my original writings have been in Urdu.” 

Sharad Chandra, 
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