Technique of making Preceptor/Prefect ? Sharad Chandra & S.C.Kishore

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4th June 2016 
Technique of making Preceptor / Prefect ?

 We notice Kamlesh Patel, Prem Sagar, Dr. S.P.Srivastava, K.C.Narayana and some others inaddition to the deceased Kasturi and Parthasarthi, who have been unauthorisedly making Preceptors / Prefects or by whatever name they may be calling them. 

The Founder of the Sahaj Marg had stopped making new Preceptors/Prefects and had authorised none to makethem in future. He had made known to all concerned His intention in this connection in Hislifetime. 

Let the living ones explain what do they do while performing the said act. 

Their explanation ,let it be shared on this site with all the members of the Sahaj Marg System. 
It will certify their authorisation by Rev.Babuji Maharaj, if they share within a week i.e. 11th June 2016. 

We would like to have this clarity from each of them in the interest of all. 

We are fully aware of the whole process involved in the matter because we had the information when Rev. Babuji selected us to transmit. He had explained what He did while performing this function. We also knew like others in His life time that He had stopped making Preceptors/Prefects and had authorised none to make in future. 

We had raised the same point earlier also. 

Parthasarthi in his last leg of life, replied to this point through his behaviour, admitted his mistake that he was not authorised to make Preceptors by calling the lists earlier style as list of Preceptors and Prefects, as only Prefects list published in July 2014

It is not surprising that some of the above do not issue any certificate to those whom they make Preceptors / Prefects because they are aware that they are doing unauthorised fictitious work .We are sure none of above are in a position to reply because they know that they are not authorised by Rev. Babuji Maharaj . Their silence would prove their false claim. 
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