.. Rev. Babujiís own literature & Other literature in this connection by S C Kishore

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Rev. Babuji’s own literature & Other literature in this connection by S C Kishore...
One day when only two of us were there, Rev. Babuji asked me to read from His book
“Efficacy of Raj yoga in the light of Sahaj Marg” . I started reading from the book and had
hardly covered 1-1/2 page, then He asked me to stop. Thereafter He said
“Hamari Kitaben ek dair page sey zyada nahin parhi ja sakti un mein power hai esliye ser
bhaari ho jaata hai”
[My books cannot be read for more than one or one & a half page as they have power
and the head gets heavy]
This quality not only proves the authenticity of His literature but also distinguishes it from
other literatures. That is why in Sahaj Marg we emphasise on His original books only for all
purposes - whether it be for reference, understanding, clarification, quotation, etc. Other
connected books whether published in His life time or thereafter, if seen in this context,
have no such luster by whomsoever they may have been written.
There is another publication of the Mission – Divya Adesh - printed in Devnagri script in 8
(eight) volumes, which in transliteration of His Diaries in Urdu script brought out after His
mahasamadhi. These are verbatim reproduction of various information and revelations
made by various Personalities and have to be taken in that light only as coming through
Him but not by Him.
New Delhi
7th May 2016


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