Importance of Any System Sahaj Marg in the Present Age---by S C Kishore

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Haqeeqat Benakaab
(Unveiling of Reality)
Importance of Any System – Sahaj Marg in the Present Age
S C Kishore
I am giving herein the inspired thought of Rev. Babuji Saheb. 
As per the need of the time, Nature sends Personalities from time to time for the purpose 
required at that time. They bring out system suiting the condition of the place/area/world 
at that time. The system introduced by such Personalities carry the Divine sanction for the 
period desired by the Nature or for unlimited period as the case may be . 
For example Mahatama Gautam Buddh gave the system of Buddhism, Lord Jesus Christ 
brought out Chrisitianity, Prophet Mohammad Saheb introduced the system of Islam. 
Those Personalities, however, are to be distinguished from other highly developed 
prodigies of Nature which also come from time to time. In the recent times personalities 
like Swami Ramakrishna Paramhansa, Swami Vivekanand, Rev. Ram Chandraji of 
Likewise, Rev. Babuji Maharaj founded the system to which the Nature gave the name of 
Sahaj Marg and also awarded Him the title of SPECIAL PERSONALITY. Anybody following 
the systems as prescribed by the Founder during the period of sanction, if any, shall get the 
results as promised by the Founder . 
Fatehgarh (UP) popularly known as Lalaji Saheb and others. These Personalities (prodigies 
of Nature) gave various tips and invaluable help in the path of spirituality, but they did
not found any system as such, as done by Personalities like Gautam Buddh, Christ, 
Mohammad Saheb and others .
The Speciality with Sahaj Marg System, is that its Founder Rev. Babuji Maharaj Himself 
gave every minute detail and clarification about Sahaj Marg. There is no saying in Sahaj 
Marg, clarified by others but not having been said by the Founder. This is unlike other 
systems. Every guidance, instruction and clarification is contained in His writings - books, 
clarifications and talks .
All other mushroom growth visible over the world in spiritual /meditation field are like 
small small ponds, fountains, etc., which dry up soon as they are NOT SYSTEMS carrying 
Nature’s sanction. These beautiful looking mercenary shops will generally be found closed after 
the passing away of their proprietor/ owner . 
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