Haqeeqat Benakaab( Reality without covering)Dt.11-07-2015 by Sharad Chandra

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Saturday, the 11th July 2015


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My dear Mr. Kamlesh Bhai Patel,


The newspapers report about the raid by the Government agency in a big way on the premises and establishment of Sri Gopal Agarwal s/o late Kashi Ram Ji Agarwal of Shahjahanpur.  The raid operation lasted for two days during this week.  Sri Gopal is considered to be a prominent and honourable members of your Society.


I strongly feel that such things defame the Society and suitable action at the society level against such persons is the need of the hour.


You would be well aware that Rev. Babuji never gave undue importance to business people for the reasons best known to Him.  But somehow Parthasarthi Rajagopalachari had always been after businessmen !  One thing, however, seems to be sure that to-day businessman cannot afford to be simple ?


Please acknowledge and with Regards. 


In the service of Divine Master Rev. Babuji.




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