Haqeeqat Benakaab (Reality without covering) ..Part-42 ...................................Shubh Chintak Kishore &.Sharad Chandra

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Haqeeqat Benakaab (Reality without covering)..
Rev. Babuji’s Guidance to us on training
Part 42
Shubh Chintak Kishore & Sharad Chandra
It was noticed even in Rev. Babuji’s times that different preceptors were
introducing Sahaj Marg training in their own way thinking themselves to
be mini gurus. That is why the wonderful system of Sahaj Marg did not
spread the way it was expected and should have spread. As an example C.
Rajagopalachari, a senior preceptor and father of Parthasarthi
Rajagopalachari, told me the effective way of practicing Sahaj Marg. He
asked me to expand the heart feeling that the whole universe was
engulfed in it. I found it very difficult to practise that way. So I stopped
it. I narrated to Rev. Babuji all that C.Rajagopalachari had told me. He
said that it was wrong. This is just one instance how preceptors were
giving their own version of practicing Sahaj Marg, instead of telling what
Rev. Babuji, the founder of system, had told them. After Rev. Babuji’s
mahasamadhi, even Parthasarthi started captivating (enslaving) the minds
of his members while giving Sahaj Marg meditation sittings to them. He
several times wanted me, Sharad Chandra, also to take sitting from him,
but it was refused by me. He played that trick on Kashi Ram Agarwal,
who was Joint Secretary in Rev. Babuji’s times, and he was completely sold
out in one sitting, although he had never liked Chari before that. Though
outwardly propagating Sahaj Marg, but Chari was really mentally
enslaving people introduced by him as members, with a view to increase
the number of his followers (slaves). That is why Chari’s followers
(Slaves) consider him to be the best living master and are not prepared to
consider anything which apparently looks against what they are taught.
Rev. Babuji told last week that at the time of talking to new persons, both
of us, as the case may be, should request them to close their eyes just for 5
(five) minutes and simply sit in that condition (with closed eyes) and then
request Him (Rev. Babuji). He would then do the needful as required.
Thereafter, explain the person(s) or introduce them to the system or do
whatever necessary. After our life time, He said, organizers would do
likewise. Rev. Babuji further said that whatever was being written by
both of us, may not be understood by the present people. His own
writings and our writings in the matter of abhyas (practise) of Sahaj Marg,
are for the generation yet to be born. So we need not worry if people did
not understand or appreciate that, as the same are not really meant for
Our prayer to Him is to keep us continuously guiding so that His message
correctly reaches the deserving people and enthuses them to follow Sahaj
Marg in the right manner for their emancipation.
Shahjahanpur/Delhi ( India )
Dated : 18th March 2013

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