Special Features of Sahaj Marg

Whatever I say or write is on the basis of my own experience and Anubhava irrespective of what Shankar, Ramanuja or others might have said about their own. Every one in this world wants peace. That means that Realisation is not his object. In that case he will get only peace and not Realistion. But if Realisation is the object, peace will automatically come on in its wake. We should not be only after knowing what realisation is but also try it as well.

Generally people think that it is difficult -nay, quite impossible , to attain liberation in this very life. This, however, is a mistaken idea. Who knows perhaps this very life of ours might be the last one, taking us towards liberation. Our Master's declaration is that a Sadhak can reach such a state not only in one and the same birth (life time) but even within a shorter period, if he is a diligent worker and has got a real guide. This he has proved also, but the proof is impossible to be given in words. Our experience alone can show it.

The popular belief that God can be sought for only in the midst of the forest, as if He is but a forest dweller, is vain and absurd. I believe He can be better sought for in the midst of one's own heart. But, for that purpose, the spirit of the Spartans is necessary.

There is not the least justification for any one to flee away from home in utter disregard of his worldly duties and wander about without any definite aim or purpose. As a matter of fact even in that state of Vairagya, one is seldom free from feelings of worldlyness. The most important feature of this system of Sadhana is that it goes on in conjunction with normal worldly living of the common man , with due regard to his duties and responsibilities of life, so that both the facets of life- the worldly and the Divine - may develop equally bright. We donot mean merely to preach or propogate these ideas, but also to bring them into practice and apply them in daily life.

The Mission aims at the promulgation of the ideology set forth by the great Master through this newly introduced system of Sahaj Marg, and to awaken the sleeping masses to Divine consciousness, so as to set them right on the path of progress. For this purpose, it is but essential that the old mechanical methods involving forced austerity and penances, most ill-fitted to the environments of the present day life, must necessarily be set aside and replaced by simple and natural means.

As far as the attainment of liberation or complete freedom is concerned, almost all the great sages of the past and the present agree on the point that Raja Yoga alone is the path that ensures success upto the final limit of human approach; and every one destined to complete Freedom, i.e., Realisation must sooner or later come upto it. Sahaj Marg runs closely along the line of Raja Yoga; but of course, with certain amendments and modifications to purge out superfluity from the system.

Under Sahaj Marg , the Master's support being a very essential feature of Sadhana, it becomes incumbent upon the Abhyasi to seek a worthy guide to lead him on, helping him by his power transmitted through the yogic process of Pranahuti. The Master by the application of His inner powers, awakens and accelerates the dormant forces in the Abhyasi to action and directs the flow of Divine current towards his heart, through the process of Pranahuti. As a result , the Abhyasi begins to advance spiritually experiencing more and more of bliss. The Abhyasi has only to prepare himself to receive it or in other words to make himself capable and deserving of it. In this way all that which previously required persistnt labour and hardships, can now be achieved very easily in a much shorter time with least labour. But it is all practical and cannot in any way be put into words. Only practical experience can reveal its merits.

Many a man must have had a taste of the condition of peace. In fact the actual state of real peace is beyond comprehension. It admits no contradiction. It is literally neither peace nor restlessness, neither union nor separation, neither bliss nor otherwise. It is, after all , that for which we had developed pain. May you all have a taste of that pain. It is not however difficult to cultivate. Only a firm will and an undivided attention towards it, is all that is required for the purpose. Then that you seek for, will be found quite close to you, rather with you -nay, you might yourself be that which you seek for. For that there must be a burning in the heart, whcih might burn down the weeds and bushes on the path.

I do not mean to advocate, in any way, the orthodox idea of Gurudom. In our Sanstha we take it in the sense of common brotherhood, in a spirit of service and not sacrifice, helping each other as needed and required. The Sahaj Marg System of spiritual practice and training is open to every one without any distinction of creed, caste, sex, or colour. Seekers fo truth may come to experience and practise and derive the greatest benefit from the grace of Master , who has turned a new leaf in the tradition of Indian philosophy. May the benign supervision of the Master Supreme, guide all to the Realisation of the Ultimate Goal, and fulfilment of human purpose.