Guidance and Tip to Organizer

  • The organizers/organizer-in-charge organizers should keep organizing public meetings in their centre at various places. Due consultation with their zonal-head organizer would ordinarily be held before taking such a step. The people in public should be approached personally as far as possible. Invitees should be given some introductory material or broad guidelines about Sahaj Marg. The introductory material could better be in the shape of a single sheet pamphlet. The pamphlet should preferably be in the local language with English translation thereof (in case of India) on the reverse of the pamphlet. Each pamphlet should also give details of venue, timing of meeting, names of the organizer/centre-in-charge organiser of that centre with their contact number, etc., so that if any public person felt the need, they could contact him/her for the purpose. Rev. Babuji was of the opinion that an abhyasi of Sahaj Marg should be such that he /she could be distinguished without any formal introduction; so we have to work for that kind of publicity and paper publicity.
  • The pamphlet should not be distributed like an advertisement material. It should be given with proper decorum and visible respect explaining each person a little about the system and requesting him/her to attend the public meeting. Although the venue and timings would be given in the pamphlet, but still explain that verbally also as the audio information might stay in their mind and may help them to come in the function if they decide so at the last moment.
  • The meetings should preferably be organized in some school, college educational institution or other public places, keeping the convenience of invitee public into consideration.
  • At each public meeting speakers should explain in local language about Sahaj Marg system and the benefit that the people will derive by joining the system, such as balanced way of life, moderation in thinking and actions, spiritual progress, etc. Any assurance about material prosperity coming as a result of sadhana under Sahaj Marg should never be given to anyone. A balanced life can, however be assured, if sadhana were done properly.
  • A practical taste of Sahaj Marg may be given to all persons attending public meetings as the last item or first item on the meeting agenda, depending upon the situation and decision by the Incharge of that function. The practical session should be conducted by an organizer preferably an experienced organizer, irrespective of the fact whether anyone of the public men join the system or not. At least, some people will be motivated this way to try the system and in any event it will do good to them. The organizer should briefly tell the audience how to meditate, just as it is explained to a beginner viz 'to make a sankalp (supposition) once that divine light is present in their heart without giving any shape to the light, to treat the thoughts appearing during meditation as uninvited guests or ignore them and bring the attention back to the heart effortlessly, if thoughts go astray. The organizer should tell the audience that meditation has to be done with closed eyes and that meditation would start with the organiser saying "Please Start", and would close with his/her saying "that is all" . After preparing the audience in this manner, and before starting meditation, the organizer should humbly request Rev. Babuji to give sitting to the gathering assembled there and likewise request Him at the end to stop it. Such a practical session could be for 15/20 minutes or so. At the end of the practical session, members of audience could be asked their views as to how did they feel during the period of the practical session. It would be more fruitful if individual members were asked their views instead of making collective enquiry from the audience.