Concept of Philosophy

Philosophy is a subject not based on reason but intution. It starts not from 'doubt' as most of the western philosophers hold, but from 'wonder'. Generally philosophers have attempted things before actually going into the life of practice as is commonly the case with the western philosophers. I may say that it is not certain that a philosopher being a philosopher cannot be corrupt or degraded. But there is no possibility of corruption if he had studied things by leading a practical life. Sages in India have generally attempted philosophy by first going into the life of practicality. They have opened the secrets of existing things, as far as thay could do, at their level of advancement. The outcome is the six schools of philosophy in different hues. We should always attempt the expression of things when our practice or abhyas is over. This is the key point for the philosopher to note in order to achieve the accuracy of things.

India is the home of spirituality and as such the pursuit of the Real has been active here in all ages. Spirituality is a Science concerning the Power which flows from the original repository and has the capacity, in the form of knots, both of creating and destroying. The Sages in India have used the Power of Creation for the reformation of humanity. The destructive power too is found in such abundance that even the atom bomb is nothing in (it's) comparision. The Yogi uses these things according to the divine command and his will-power. At present too this power is being utilised and a new world is being created. Spiritual renaissance must necessarily take place and India will again lead the World, no matter how long a time it may take. Other Countries have begun to realize that no Nation can even survive wihout Spirituality. The age of diplomacy and strategisem is now passing swiftly. By the end of this century a great change is bound to take place. Every one should gladly welcome what is destined to befall and should come to the path of Spirituality whereby his welfare is prompted. I am revealing herein the greatest philosophy. People may grasp it or not in the beginning but in due course of time they will surely begin to realise as such.

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